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What we're reading, June 24, 2016: Britain's decision to leave the European Union will impact drug regulation; Supreme Court decision derails California proposal to allow illegal immigrants to buy health insurance; and lawmakers look to reduce exclusivity period for biologics.
A report developed by Avalere Health, based on a survey that the company conducted among health plans in 2015, states that a majority of health plans want to sign outcomes-based contracts with biopharmaceutical companies, especially for oncology and hepatitis C drugs.
What we're reading, June 23, 2016: Medicare's fund will be insolvent 2 years earlier than estimated last year; nearly 1 in 3 Medicare beneficiaries received an opioid prescription in 2015; House Republicans' health plan calls for greater use of value-based insurance design; and the Democrats urge the Department of Justice to block Anthem-Cigna and Aetna-Humana mergers.
While the United States healthcare system has been slowly transitioning to value-based care from a system based on volume, a recent study found that primary care physicians and health plan executives aren’t actually on the same page.
A new analysis by the Dartmouth Institute has found that Medicare accountable care organizations (ACOs) are making modest yet increasing gains when treating patients with comorbidities.
Consumers should be actively engaged with their health coverage, so they will not only be informed of fines that may incur if they do not enroll, but also so that they are also aware of any new plans for the coming year that may best fit them and their family, said Jennifer Sullivan, director of the Best Practices Institute at Enroll America.
What we're reading, June 22, 2016: Obama administration targets young individuals for Affordable Care Act enrollment; Boeing is directly contracting with a major California health system to provide employee benefits; growing interest in the use of value-based insurance design.
At The Community Oncology Conference: Innovation in Cancer Care, oncologists discussed how their practices are coping with the transition toward quality- and value-based reimbursement.
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