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Two former executives at a generic pharmaceutical company have been charged with being involved with price-fixing, bid-rigging, and customer allocation conspiracies. The charges are the first that have resulted from a 2-year investigation of the generic drug industry.
What we're reading, December 15, 2016: Democrats won't help repeal the Affordable Care Act, but some may help pass a replacement; drug makers push new opioids despite lack of evidence they reduce overdoses; CDC issues Zika virus travel advisory for Texas town.
In Hennepin County, Minnesota, which has one-fifth of the state’s population, the government has worked with the healthcare system to create a different way to care for people.
What we're reading, November 22, 2016: Virginia declares opioid addiction a public health emergency; House calls for a pause of ongoing Obamacare lawsuit; and Anthem-Cigna antitrust trial begins.
Marketing is more than just advertising or billboards about health plans; it is the process of offering and exchanging services and products, and being able to meet the needs of consumers in the market.
Uncertainty was the theme of the day during the 21st annual "Wall Street Comes to Washington" roundtable, hosted by the Leonard D. Schaeffer Initiative for Innovation in Health Policy.
Overall, both case management (CM) and disease management (DM) are vital to reduce healthcare costs by helping beneficiaries control their disease and prevent excessive utilization. However, there are differences in their approach.
US hospitals must compete with retail clinics, standalone surgical centers, and walk-up medical facilities for customers, so their prices must be more transparent, accessible, and defensible.
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