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The report, which provides an update on all the monumental changes witnessed by the field of oncology over the last year, highlights 3 key achievements: new investments in science and insurance coverage, payment models that emphasize quality, and rapid-learning healthcare systems.
Difficulty in making pricing and reimbursement decisions for rare diseases has prevented patients from having universal access to new medicines despite increased investment in their research and development. In Europe, a group has proposed 9 principles to guide value assessment, pricing, and funding.
Improving patient collections in fast-paced, high-volume clinical environments.
Raj Toleti, CEO and founder of HealthGrid, has created patient-driven technologies to help empower them when they are accessing care.
Protecting coverage gains that were made under the Affordable Care Act was one of the top concerns of experts representing insurers, physicians, and hospitals during a panel discussion at America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)’s National Health Policy Conference, held March 8-9 in Washington, DC.
The widespread nature of the opioid epidemic will require coordination from a variety of stakeholders and all levels of government. In this podcast, experts discuss how the crisis got so out of hand, various tactics being undertaken to reverse the opioid, and the current impact of stigma on getting treatment.
How will drug developers price gene therapy treatments to recover their investment and ensure that society can bear the impending cost?
Hospitals don't always adequately prepare patients for the reality of cancer treatment and all the ways it might affect someone's life, explained Melissa Thompson, MBA, healthcare strategist, patient, and self-advocate.
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