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In California, there are cultural-linguistic barriers, geographic barriers, and financial barriers that create challenges for patients trying to access high-quality care, says Ninez A. Ponce, PhD, MPP, of the University of California, Los Angeles, and principal investigator of the California Health Interview Survey.
Medical bankruptcy is indefensible and even if patients are willing to bankrupt themselves to purchase a cure, doesn't mean that is how pricing and reimbursement of treatments should be handled, said Darius Lakdawalla, PhD, Quintiles Chair in Pharmaceutical Development and Regulatory Innovation at the School of Pharmacy at the University of Southern California
Panelists John Fox, MD; Elizabeth Carpenter; John Fox, MD; and Robert Carlson, MD, provide insight on the intricate balance between the cost of, and access to, oncology care.
Panelists Joseph Alvarnas, MD; John Fox, MD; Elizabeth Carpenter; and Robert Carlson, MD, discuss the political aspects of health coverage and the importance of patient access to healthcare.
Leonard Lichtenfeld, MD, provides insight into the importance of patient access to oncology care.
Leonard Lichtenfeld, MD, provides insight on the role of genomic testing for patients to participate in clinical trials and whether or not this will restrict patient access.
During a general session at America’s Health Insurance Plans’ Institute & Expo, held June 7-9 in Austin, Texas, Eric Topol, MD, explained the buzz behind precision medicine and why it is needed to combat the harms of imprecision in medicine.
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