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The company's study has found a 38% drop in cigarette purchase among shoppers who visit CVS stores.
A recent literature review, examining evidence on lifestyle changes that can reduce the risk of recurrence or death for women diagnosed with breast cancer, found that exercise can reduce the risk of both outcomes.
A popular strategy to help stem the tide of opioid-related deaths has been the implementation of laws that expand access to naloxone, the drug that halts and reverses overdoses. A recent paper has found that these laws did in fact save lives.
The results from the United Kingdom support CMS' decision to add a payment code for collaborative care to this year's Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.
Samantha Watson Describes How Cancer Patients Balance Health With Finances
As founder and CEO of The Samfund, Samantha Watson has found that most cancer patients prioritize their physical health over their financial stability, leaving them lagging behind their peers economically or even facing bankruptcy.
The results follow a separate report that outlined the reasons why low-income workers don't seek preventive care, and what can be done.
Researchers at the American Cancer Society have found that nonelderly cancer survivors enrolled in high-deductible health plans are more likely to seek a change to a lower-cost prescription medication compared with those without a cancer history.
Population-level judgements on the value of therapies to treat multiple sclerosis don’t adequately depict the differences between how providers and payers view value compared with patients and how patients view value different from one another.
Critical access hospitals in rural areas continue to be threatened by unsustainable operating costs, but a recent blog post on Health Affairs proposed an innovative solution to ensure access to care persists in these areas: freestanding emergency centers.
The announcements come as Medicare is set to start reimbursing the Diabetes Prevention Program on January 1, 2018.
Including anti-cholesterol agents during adjuvant endocrine treatment can prevent breast cancer recurrence in hormone receptor–positive early-stage breast cancer.
Christine Bernsten Discusses Health Share of Oregon's Involvement With Project ECHO
Investing in Project ECHO allowed Health Share to offer continuing education for providers, and many of them now say they enjoy participating in the program, said Christine Bernsten, senior manager of delivery systems transformation for Health Share of Oregon.

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At the 5th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care® meeting, stakeholders shared their views on how bundled payments, clinical pathways, and other value-based approaches can be implemented in cancer care while ensuring adequate care quality.
Panelists from diverse vantage points in the cancer care landscape discussed the effects of cost sharing on patients in a discussion at the 5th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care® meeting.
As payment models shift to emphasize patient experience and quality of care, a panel discussion at the 5th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care® meeting debated whether these efforts had meaningfully improved outcomes for patients.
Specialty pharmacies can collaborate with clinical teams to harness the power of health information technology and improve cancer care, according to panelists at the 5th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care® meeting.
A panel discussion about the challenges of health information technology at the 5th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care® meeting also identified opportunities for providers to leverage better solutions.
Pam Mangat, MS, associate director for the TAPUR study in the research and analysis division of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, offered an update on the study at the 5th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care® meeting.
David L. Porter, MD, kicked off the 5th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care® (PCOC®) meeting in Baltimore on November 17, 2016, with an update on chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy.
At the 5th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care® meeting, hosted by The American Journal of Managed Care®, experts discussed the contradiction presented by immuno-oncology agents in the world of precision medicine.
At the 5th annual Patient-Centered Oncology Care® meeting, Nell Wood Buhlman of Press Ganey explained that oncology providers must focus on patient needs and minimize suffering in order to truly provide value in cancer care.
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