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Reporting and Design

Coverage by Mary Caffrey and Jaime Rosenberg
Updates on reporting otucomes and pathway design from Patient-Centered Oncology Care®.
In response to a question asking how to change physician culture from “all of us do this differently” to adherence to the pathways, Daly said that in an institution, it is essential to identify who the thought leaders are and get their buy-in. Once the leaders start using the pathway to improve care, it will disseminate, he said. If you rush the implementation without the buy-in, he warned, you risk the stability of the project.

Switching gears to alternative payment models (APMs), the panelists agreed that clinical pathways have the potential to prepare healthcare systems for a risk-bearing future.

“I’m a big fan of the value-based pathway concept,” said Polite. “Where pathways are right now, I think they’re in their infancy. But I do believe that they have the potential to be our answer to the drug utilization issue for all the APMs we’ve been discussing, because once you start incorporating value into it, you’re seeing that this is going to be the number-1 thing on the pathway because of what it does in terms of the total cost of care, efficacy, and toxicity, and you start driving decisions that way.”

He added that if CMS’ Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation wants healthcare systems to take on 2-sided risk, drugs need to be taken out of the model, and if drugs are taken out of the model, there needs to be an alternative: holding physicians accountable for utilization with pathways.

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