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The American Journal of Managed Care April 1996
Ethics in Managed Care: The Obligation of Administration to Attending to Consequences
Nancy Neveloff Dubler, LLB
Implementing Guidelines for Eye Care of Diabetic Patients: Results from an HMO Intervention Study
Ronald J. Brooks, MD; Antonio P. Legoretta, MD, MPH; Alan L. Silver, MD; Raymond J. Fabius, MD; Jay Krakovitz, MD
Diagnosis and Eradication of Helicobacter pylori in the Management of Peptic Ulcer Disease: A Decision Analysis Model
Robert J. Rubin, MD; Elisa F. Cascade, MBA; David A. Peura, MD; C. Mel Wilcox, MD; Daniel N. Mendelson, MPP
Improved Screening for Diabetic Eye Disease: How a Managed Care Plan Helped
Robert N. Frank, MD
"When They Give You the Money, You've Won" Drug Makers Settle Discriminatory Pricing Suit. Or Do They?
Herbert L. Weinberg, PharmD, JD
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Cost-Effectiveness and Complementary Medicine
Richard E. YaDeau, MD
Accounting Changes Can Affect Healthcare Delivery: The Issuance of FASB Statements of Financial Accounting Standards 81 and 106
Neal Penneys, MD, PhD, MBA
Correspondence regarding, "Who Keeps the Gender Gate: Ethical and Policy Implications of OB-GYNs as Primary Caregivers"
Michael R. Rosnick, MD, MPA; and Robert L. Adams, MD; Reply by Glen McGee, PhD and Monica Arruda, BA
Improved Outcomes of an Outpatient Pediatric Asthma Patient Management Program in an IPA HMO
Nicholas A. Hanchak, MD; James F. Murray, PhD; Howard Arkans, MD; Eileen McHugh, RN; Patricia McDermott, RN; Neil Schlackman, MD
Alternatives to Abdominal Hysterectomy: A Review of Clinical and Economic Outcomes
Kimberly Kunz, MPP; John Steege, MD
Outcomes and Costs of Care for Acute Low Back Pain Among Specialties: Implications for Managed Care
Timothy Carey, MD

Cost-Effectiveness and Complementary Medicine

Richard E. YaDeau, MD
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