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Depression, anxiety major factors in neck pain
By Megan Rauscher
Wal-Mart says more U.S. employees have health coverage
Gene therapy shows modest efficacy for HIV infection
Youth mental illness costs U.S. billions
By Will Dunham
Measles cases up for third straight year in England
Post-colectomy complications more frequent in obese patients
By Will Boggs, MD
Infliximab may prevent Crohn's disease recurrence after surgery
Long-term statin use for primary prevention cuts mortality in half
U.S. opioid makers need plan to safeguard users: FDA
Pregnancy may delay diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
By Karla Gale
Stroke awareness campaign aims to halve deaths
By Tim Castle
Aspirin reduces risk of recurrent colorectal adenomas
Elderly diabetics benefit from ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
By Martha Kerr
Black-white disparities in endometrial cancer survival persist
By Megan Rauscher
Maternal obesity linked to birth defects in offspring
Mortality high in patients with systemic scleroderma and pulmonary hypertension
Missed dialysis sessions after emergency evacuation increased hospitalizations
Green tea may block activity of bortezomib
China halts use of diabetes drug after deaths
FACTBOX: Possible candidates for U.S. health secretary
Maternal asthma linked to premature delivery and low birth weight
Adding cetuximab to standard therapy worsens outcomes in colorectal cancer
Thalidomide may improve progression-free survival in prostate cancer
U.S. House approves children's health bill
Obama's promised U.S. health care overhaul delayed
By Donna Smith
Mood disorders common in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Ovarian preservation appears safe in young endometrial cancer patients
Rhinoconjunctivitis prevalence in children varies widely across globe
By Scott Baltic
Flu vaccine effectiveness varies substantially with antigenic match
Home-based rehab improves cardioverter-defibrillator implantation outcome
Carpal tunnel syndrome incidence rising, especially in elderly
By Michelle Rizzo
Researchers make synthetic HDL cholesterol: study
By Julie Steenhuysen
NY to pursue health insurers on out-of-network rates
US failing to protect citizens by not enacting tobacco control policies
By Karla Gale
Atypical antipsychotic drugs increase risk of sudden cardiac death
By Karla Gale
Use of contrast in stress echo safe, beneficial: retrospective study
House backs children's health bill
By Donna Smith
Hormone replacement therapy reduces colorectal cancer risk in women
Screening before otolaryngic surgery reduces MRSA infection
Managed care does not affect outcome of carotid endarterectomy
U.S. health care overhaul needn't break bank: study
By Julie Steenhuysen
Health insurance no bargain for U.S. unemployed: group
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Early weight gain tied to diabetes risk in children
Insufficient sleep lowers resistance to common cold
Most U.S. health agency heads replaced before Obama
King Nut recalls salmonella-tainted peanut butter
U.S. lets drugmakers advise doctors on unapproved uses
By Lisa Richwine
U.S. health spending hits $2.2 trillion in 2007
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Outbreaks of viral hepatitis linked to poor infection control practices
U.S. government sets infection control goals
Risk of neonatal complications increased by cesarean delivery before 39 weeks
Statins may cause rare instances of eye muscle disorders
By Michelle Rizzo
U.S. Medicare proposes wider cancer scan coverage
By Susan Heavey
Platelet C4d tied to severe acute ischemic stroke
Quest says some vitamin D tests gave wrong result
Scientists doubt Europe can wipe out measles by 2010
By Michael Kahn
Adding a statin to inhaled corticosteroids does not improve asthma control
By Megan Rauscher
US health spending hits $2.2 trillion in 2007
By Maggie Fox
Brain stimulation more effective than medical therapy in Parkinson patients
Sexual dysfunction in morbidly obese men improves after gastric bypass
By Will Boggs, MD
Gestational diabetes risk tied to ethnicity, socioeconomics
Slower not necessarily better in colonoscopy withdrawal
By Scott Baltic
Gastric bypass surgery improves insulin sensitivity
Skin cancer doesn't lower prostate, breast, and colorectal cancer risk
ICD benefit also seen in older, sicker patients
Brain "age," independent of chronological age, predicts response to antihypertensives
Obese siblings of diabetic children at increased risk
By David Douglas
Glucose test outcome not consistent in overweight pediatric patients
By David Douglas
Liver transplants safe with elderly donors
Weight-bearing exercise during adolescence benefits bones decades later
Gene therapy lowers triglycerides in lipoprotein lipase deficiency
By David Douglas
Younger men with depression at risk for severe post-prostatectomy pain
Home rehabilitation safe and effective for COPD patients
Diabetes linked to moderately increased risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Aetna backs outlook, to give more financial data
Obese patients face longer waits for liver transplantation
By Will Boggs, MD
Evidence-based feeding improves nutrition, but not outcome, in ICU patients
Asthma linked to poor mental health
Long-acting amphetamines improve quality of life in adults with ADHD
Improved stool DNA test helps spot colorectal cancer
By David Douglas
Simplified graphics help patients understand breast cancer treatment options
Adalimumab helps control Crohn's disease
By David Douglas
Raynaud's phenomenon, rheumatoid arthritis linked
By Martha Kerr
CT recommended to assess bone loss and lung involvement in COPD
Budget office studies impact of healthcare policies
By David Alexander
U.S. flu shows resistance to flu drug, CDC says
By Maggie Fox
Lower total cholesterol level tied to higher in-hospital CHF mortality
Percent free PSA predicts prostate cancer when serum PSA 2.5 ng/mL or lower
Physician-prescribed exercise boosts physical activity
Aggressive cholesterol-lowering therapy may reverse atherosclerosis
Ischemic stroke risk in type 2 diabetes tied to both hyperglycemia and albuminuria
By Scott Baltic
South Sudan to intensify polio vaccination campaign
US FDA advisers back new female condom
By Susan Heavey
Stem cell transplant effective against peripheral T-cell lymphomas
With e-prescribing, U.S. doctors pick cheaper drugs
By Will Dunham
Drugmakers to note actors, make other ad changes
By Susan Heavey
Generic drug sales slow amid price war: study
Many Americans turning to unconventional medicine
By Will Dunham
U.S. states cutting healthcare, report shows
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Obama, turning to healthcare, to nominate Daschle
By Deborah Charles
Less than one-third of U.S. adults have had a flu shot so far this season
Changes in breast density an early indicator of tamoxifen efficacy
By Megan Rauscher
Inhaled insulin improves glycemic control
Gout may have protective effect against Parkinson's disease
HIV-resistant stem cells engrafted to treat AIDS-related lymphoma
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Malaria vaccine candidate shows promise in infants, young children
By Megan Rauscher
Community-based interventions to increase physical activity cost-effective
By Will Boggs, MD
Apparent rise in autism prevalence linked to shift in age at diagnosis
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Town meetings start U.S. health reform effort
By Keith Coffman
Half-dose influenza vaccine suitable for healthy adults
Cancer deaths in US carry high economic cost
Cancer to surpass heart disease as No. 1 killer
By Will Dunham
Sleep apnea patients have high carbon monoxide levels after sleep
Significant rehab possible in chronic stroke
By Martha Kerr
GI inflammation seen in children with IBS
By Megan Rauscher
Sleep apnea linked to glucose, insulin metabolism in polycystic ovary syndrome
By David Douglas
Vaccine makers urge speedy accord on pandemic plan
By Laura MacInnis
Age-related changes in uterine fibroids differ between black and white women
Exercise improves cerebral blood flow in older individuals
By Martha Kerr
Calcium channel blocker seen better than diuretic for high-risk hypertensives
Cervical cancer chemotherapy better tolerated by black women than white women
HIV protease inhibitors active against Leishmania species
By David Douglas
Good long-term results seen with balloon angioplasty for aortic coarctation
By David Douglas
Drug combination appears safe for thrombolysis in acute ischemic stroke
Prolonged peginterferon therapy for hepatitis C not useful after initial failure
Reactive arthritis fairly frequent sequela of enteric infection
By Will Boggs, MD
Prevalence of high-risk HPV stable in older US women
By David Douglas
Obese children have prematurely aged carotid arteries
By Martha Kerr
Guidelines for second-generation antidepressants don't favor one over another
LDL cholesterol levels falling, triglycerides skyrocketing: NHANES
By Martha Kerr
U.S. Medicare wants limits for weight loss surgery
By Susan Heavey
Cigarette smoking, hepatitis C virus synergistic in raising liver cancer risk
Fetal exposure to tobacco smoke causes permanent vascular damage
Radiotherapy safe for prostate cancer in HIV-infected patients
Blood pressure changes during sleep may be related to SIDS
By Will Boggs, MD
Counseling helps with burnout in physicians
Oral rotavirus vaccine can be coadministered with routine vaccines in babies
Stem cells replace diseased heart muscle with healthy tissue
By Martha Kerr
Men who take NSAIDs have significantly lower PSA levels: study
By Megan Rauscher
Diabetics with coronary stenoses benefit from drug-eluting stents
By Martha Kerr
Women who exercise throughout pregnancy tend to stay healthier for decades
Statins useful for primary prevention of cardiovascular events
U.S. healthcare reform gets backing in Congress
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Rite Aid adds more drugs to discount generic plan
Lawmakers investigate U.S. cancer center contract
Experts urge more U.S. health care aid to states
By Donna Smith
Gestational diabetes and excessive pregnancy weight gain a harmful combination
By Megan Rauscher
Initial diagnosis of parkinsonism frequently changes after follow-up
By Michelle Rizzo
Heart failure hospitalization rates surge in U.S.
Needle biopsy may lead to liver tumor dissemination
Nonfasting triglyceride levels linked to ischemic stroke
Memantine may be effective in preventing refractory migraine
Obama health plan to cost $75 billion: analysis
COPD mortality increasing among women while declining among men
U.S. trails other nations in chronic illness care
By Will Dunham
Even with mandate, Obama faces health care pain
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Overnight hemodialysis significantly improves survival
By Megan Rauscher
Kidney stones seen to raise risk of chronic kidney disease
By Megan Rauscher
Treating GERD improves lung function in kids with persistent asthma
By Megan Rauscher
Ferumoxytol well tolerated in anemic patients with all stages of CKD
New diagnostic technique accurately detects liver fibrosis
By Martha Kerr
Chest CT scans help monitor spread of head and neck cancer
Breast implants may increase risk of rare cancer
Comorbid illness, ethnicity influence survival after Alzheimer's diagnosis
DMARD changes linked to improved response in RA patients
By David Douglas
Hepatitis C virus infection may be a risk factor for renal cancer
By Martha Kerr
Gates urges rich countries not to cut health aid
By Matthias Williams
Nicotine addiction at highest level in 15 years
By Martha Kerr
Tamoxifen may lower osteoporotic fracture risk
LVAD beats aortic balloon pump for cardiogenic shock from MI
Mounting numbers of women diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis
By Karla Gale
Many U.S. hospitals fail to please, survey finds
By Julie Steenhuysen
Failure to complete apnea test uncommon in brain death determination
Depression alters brain processing in anticipation of pain
By Karla Gale
Virus-specific T cells modified to attack neuroblastoma cells
Therapeutic hepatitis C vaccine shows benefit in phase 2 trial
By Martha Kerr
Drug stocks to remain stable after election
Universal vaccination program reduces influenza burden
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Persistent MRSA infection accelerates lung function decline in cystic fibrosis
By Will Boggs, MD
Benefit of ambulatory oxygen in COPD may not be immediate
Heart failure after MI raises risk of sudden cardiac death
More children have allergies, CDC reports
Refills of hormonal contraceptive prescriptions are rarely timely
By David Douglas
Even mild sleep apnea increases cardiovascular risk
By Karla Gale
Nicotine replacement therapy in pregnancy does not increase the risk of stillbirth
Beta-blockers tied to cardiovascular events in hypertensive patients
Primary care MDs are less likely to recognize anxiety in older black patients
Admission, fasting plasma glucose useful for diabetes screening in ACS patients
Hospitalization rates fall with use of rotavirus vaccine
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Cost of diabetes treatment escalating in US
Aggressive vaccine effort could cut cervical cancer
By Julie Steenhuysen
U.S. pledges extra $320 million for bird flu fight
By Alastair Sharp
Young patients with lung cancer have better survival than older patients
By Martha Kerr
Rhinovirus on home surfaces transferrable to fingertips
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Hypertension has increased in US, but more patients are successfully treated
Breast cancer mortality falls soon after start of screening programs
Quarter of NHS failing on superbugs
UnitedHealth moves up earnings report, shares jump
U.S. lags other rich nations in infant mortality
By Will Dunham
Antioxidant therapy reduces complications in trauma patients
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Core needle breast biopsy safe in patients on anticoagulation
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Autoantibody test cost-effective in arthritis diagnosis
Moderate physical activity may lower endometrial cancer risk in heavy women
NHS to let patients self-refer for therapy
By Tim Castle
Many uninsured U.S. kids have parents with insurance
By Will Dunham
Study dispels some myths about uninsured patients presenting to ED
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Azathioprine plus metronidazole lowers post-op risk of Crohn's disease recurrence
By Scott Baltic
Adjuvanted H5N1 influenza vaccine shows promise
Autoantigen may help preserve insulin secretion in type 1 diabetes
Rituximab plus ribavirin/interferon effective against hepatitis C-related vasculitis
H. pylori vaccine passes phase 1 testing
Obesity tied to early myocardial infarction
Quarter of adolescent U.S. girls received HPV vaccine
By Will Dunham
Risk of MI doubled in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Fewer hospital days for daily home hemodialysis patients
By Will Boggs, MD
HPV infection rates similar in men and women
By David Douglas
In-hospital patient education program lowers progression of impaired glucose tolerance to diabetes
By Scott Baltic
Parental doubts over childhood vaccines common
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Vitamin D deficiency tied to increased IBD activity, reduced quality of life
By Megan Rauscher
Type 1 diabetes alone does not increase mortality risk
By Will Boggs, MD
Cough, cold drugs not for kids under 4, makers say
By Susan Heavey
Many adolescents not up to date on their immunizations
Short-term stroke mortality not increased in diabetics
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Not all postmenopausal HRT regimens raise cardiovascular risk
After middle age, risk of COPD increases substantially
By Martha Kerr
Medicaid long-term health care costs to soar in U.S.
By Will Dunham
Bayer upbeat on women's healthcare unit
Wal-Mart expands worker health benefits
EU approves Novartis' bone drug for use in men
Atrasentan may lower risk in patients with early atherosclerosis
Rizatriptan effective for menstrual migraine: study
Premixed insulin analogues comparable to premixed human insulin for type 2 diabetes
Infant feeding patterns may contribute to celiac disease risk
By Will Boggs, MD
Adherence to asthma care guidelines suboptimal in inner cities
Body weight, not diabetes, linked with prostate cancer death
By David Douglas
Infectious gastroenteritis may trigger onset of inflammatory bowel disease
By Karla Gale
U.S. Congress passes mental health coverage boost
By Will Dunham
U.S. to start $3.2 bln child health study in January
By Will Dunham
Pneumococcal vaccination may lower risk of heart attack
Early onset of type 2 diabetes ups risk of retinopathy
Colorectal cancer screening guidelines revised
Omega-3 fatty acids enhance lipid lowering with simvastatin
By Will Boggs, MD
Early acetaminophen use may raise risk of asthma, allergic disease
NSAIDs are effective in preventing post-ERCP pancreatitis
Control of hypertension sub par among kidney disease patients
By Megan Rauscher
Asthma severity and perceived asthma control linked with mortality risk
By Michelle Rizzo
Ipratropium linked to increased mortality with COPD
Radiation added to hormone therapy beneficial in locally advanced prostate cancer
By Megan Rauscher
Secondhand smoke linked to PAD risk in women
Maternal lipids reflect fetal status in gestational diabetes
By David Douglas
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis at increased risk of lung cancer
AstraZeneca sees developed markets stalling: interview
By Ben Hirschler
Bristol-Myers raises ImClone bid to $62/shr
By Deena Beasley
Starting hormone therapy soon after PSA doubles after radiotherapy has benefits
By Megan Rauscher
Takeda seeks U.S. approval of type 2 diabetes drugs
Colon cancer outcomes worse at hospitals with high Medicaid percentages
By Will Boggs, MD
Takeda to buy back up to 1.1 pct of own shares
Pfizer R&D head sees more drug collaborations
Atypical antipsychotics may be useful in bipolar disorder with addiction
By David Douglas
Gates gives $168 mln for malaria vaccines research
By Leslie Wroughton
Miniature heart pump keeps children alive while awaiting transplant
Poor asthma control during pregnancy may lead to preterm birth
Adding zoledronic acid to breast cancer therapy improves outcomes
By Jill Stein
Amgen's osteoporosis drug data meets expectations
By Toni Clarke
RESEARCH ALERT: JP Morgan cuts Eli Lilly to underweight
Bayer CropScience, Plant Health Care in licence deal
Very low 5-year cancer risk seen after negative screening colonoscopy
UnitedHealth goes regional to boost execution
By Lewis Krauskopf
Buprenorphine effective for neonatal abstinence syndrome
By David Douglas
Warfarin safely continued during coronary angiography
Novartis cancer drug wins U.S. priority review
Novel photodynamic therapy promising for recurrent prostate cancer
Medical "home" plan cut hospital admissions: study
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
PET scans often lead to treatment changes for recurrent colorectal cancer
By Scott Baltic
Glaxo creates new cancer drug group in R&D revamp
Novartis plans no big buys, to keep Roche stake
Pre-meal blood glucose values best gauge of true HbA1c: study
By Megan Rauscher
Depression, anxiety increase with inflammatory bowel disease
By Will Boggs, MD
Most NSAIDs unrelated to cardiovascular events
Statin discontinuation following AMI doubles mortality risk
Vaccinating younger population minimizes life-years lost to influenza
Cymbalta, Tykerb, Tysabri on U.S. drug safety list
Rheumatoid arthritis severity linked to stroke
Regular NSAID use may reduce PSA levels
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Increased aspirin or added clopidogrel overcomes inadequate platelet inhibition
JP Morgan adds United Therapeutics to U.S. focus list
Investors finding shelter in medical devices
By Susan Kelly and Debra Sherman
Longer pulmonary rehab boosts exercise in COPD patients
By David Douglas
Weight loss by gastric bypass better than by diet for type 2 diabetes
Valsartan safe and effective for pediatric hypertension
By Megan Rauscher
TNF blocker therapy does not prevent progression to rheumatoid arthritis
Omega-3 fatty acids cut heart failure mortality; statins do not
Price cuts increase appeal of drug-coated stents
By Ben Hirschler
Ibuprofen followed by combined therapy may be best for fever in children
Anaphylaxis risk higher than normal with HPV vaccine, but still rare
Vytorin may hold up long term despite recent woes
By Deepa Seetharaman
Glaxo offers corporate plan for its flu drug
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Pfizer gains rights to Medivation Alzheimer's drug
By Lewis Krauskopf
Delayed patch test reading useful for some allergies
By Will Boggs, MD
Thousands to be tested for cholesterol condition
Excess body weight increases recurrent venous thromboembolism risk
Treadmill exercise stimulates brain, improves walking in stroke patients
Underuse of warfarin seen in stroke patients with atrial fibrillation
Cervical cancer advances give hope to poor
By Michael Kahn
U.S. lawmakers seek records on Vytorin cancer risk
By Susan Heavey
Anticoagulant use in long-term care can be substantially improved
Prostate cancer risk increased in obese men
By Michelle Rizzo
U.S. FDA to allow radiation of spinach, lettuce
By Susan Heavey
U.S. uninsured pay $30 billion for health care: study
Extensively drug-resistant TB curable with aggressive treatment
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Cigarette smoking boosts clopidogrel activity
Medicare underestimated improper payments: report
Drugs differ in ability to prevent recurrent stroke
Acupuncture associated with neuronal activation and physiological responses
By Will Boggs, MD
Racial differences seen in kidney response to furosemide
Nut allergies foremost in pediatric anaphylaxis
By David Douglas
US measles cases reach highest point since 1996
Proton pump inhibitors linked to osteoporotic fractures
Coronary artery spasm may trigger acute coronary syndrome
By David Douglas
Stroke treatment still very often delayed
By David Douglas
Coronary spasm provocation predicts adverse events in MI patients
Salmeterol and fluticasone slow progression of COPD
By Karla Gale
Predictors of premature gonadal failure in women with lupus identified
Statin use not linked to cancer
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Relapse risk "substantial" after 5 years of adjuvant therapy for early breast cancer
High-dose cyclophosphamide shows promise for aggressive multiple sclerosis
Clinical outcomes after stroke poorer in older patients
Gastroesophageal reflux in CF not caused by cough
By David Douglas
Cardiovascular disease risk increased in women following gestational diabetes
Genentech rejects Roche bid but willing to talk
By Toni Clarke
Novartis to sell generic Plavix for 25 pct less
Genetix's H1 profit up, trading on track
Novo Nordisk H1 profit up, outlook hits shares
By Rasmus Jorgensen and Kim McLaughlin
UK's NICE says "no" to four kidney cancer drugs
By Ben Hirschler
Americans want overhaul of health system: survey
By Julie Steenhuysen
Etanercept effective in methotrexate-refractory rheumatoid arthritis
COPD in asthma patients adds significantly to disease burden
Lab test predicts mortality in dialysis patients
Low vitamin D levels linked to increased mortality
Benefits of early weight loss in diabetes maintained despite regained weight
By Karla Gale
Video game improves treatment adherence for young cancer patients
By Anne Harding
"Complementary methods" widely used by cancer patients
By Karla Gale
CORRECTED: NY audits Medicaid for out-of-state beneficiaries
Guidelines call for integrated care for drug users with TB and HIV
By C. Vidya Shankar, MD
U.S. approves six flu vaccines for next season
By Susan Heavey
Beta-blocker therapy important in patients hospitalized with heart failure
By Megan Rauscher
Initial chemo beneficial in lung cancer brain metastasis
Exercise-induced pulmonary hypertension common in systemic sclerosis
By Will Boggs, MD
Prehypertension persists, progresses in adolescence
Black-White differences again seen in prostate cancer prognosis
Twice-weekly rosuvastatin may be viable alternative to daily statins
Multiple short courses of oral corticosteroids may cause osteopenia in children
Sleep problems exacerbate symptoms of fibromyalgia syndrome
By Michelle Rizzo
Express Scripts 2nd-quarter profit up 25 pct
Flu shots may not prevent pneumonia in elderly adults
Low hepatitis B vaccination rates seen in US newborns
Prostate cancer screening not advised for men over 74
Acute MI may mimic clinical failure in community-acquired pneumonia
By Martha Kerr
Sleep-disordered breathing linked to atrial fibrillation
Erectile dysfunction may be a normal consequence of aging
By Will Boggs, MD
More than 56,000 in US infected with AIDS each year
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Active surveillance a good option for some men with early prostate cancer
By David Douglas
Gene profile distinguishes between inflammatory bowel diseases and irritable bowel syndrome
Chronic kidney disease increases diabetic foot ulcer risk
By Will Boggs, MD
Becton Dickinson profit up 21 pct, beats targets
Targeted exercise improves function, lessens pain in head and neck cancer survivors
Lung disease and cardiovascular disease seen interrelated
By David Douglas
Roche arthritis drug works: U.S. FDA staff
By Lisa Richwine
New study supports neuroprotective benefit from statins
Laparoscopy-assisted colectomy improves survival in single-center trial
By Will Boggs, MD
Treatment of hypertension alters cognitive processing
By David Douglas
Several factors predict in-hospital mortality in heart failure patients
Minority of patients with cardiovascular disease are at recommended lipid levels
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer qtrly net up; to maintain prices
Obesity increases risk of certain ovarian cancers
By David Douglas
UK's NICE rejects second go with arthritis drugs
Adolescents, an underserved group, have low immunization rates
By Martha Kerr
Sildenafil improves antidepressant-associated sexual dysfunction in women
Emergency department patients often don't understand discharge instructions
U.S. regulators reviewing latest Vytorin heart data
WellPoint profit beats estimates, shares rise
By Lewis Krauskopf
U.S. health insurers seek rebound after brutal 1st half
By Lewis Krauskopf
Renal transplant ups risk of complications of chronic kidney disease in children
Palivizumab may prevent RSV infections in infants with cystic fibrosis
By Karla Gale
Immune and clinical responses seen with glioblastoma vaccination
Fiber intake may cut preeclampsia risk
More Americans obese, government finds
Insurers hold key to diabetes device sales
By Susan Kelly
Phenytoin clearance unaltered in elderly epileptics
By David Douglas
Maternal diabetes linked to early-onset diabetes in offspring
Imatinib exposure in pregnancy may cause serious fetal malformations
Female gender and smoke exposure predict asthma response to montelukast
Obstructive sleep apnea may trigger nocturnal MI
Immunotherapy may boost prostate cancer response to hormone therapy
Roche offers to buy out Genentech for $43.7 bln
By Sam Cage
Drop in US cancer death rates seen mainly in highly educated individuals
Heart disease prevention tips save U.S. lives: study
By Julie Steenhuysen
Preop biomarkers predict prostate cancer relapse
Denosumab boosts bone in postmenopausal women
By David Douglas
Effects of heavy drinking differ in men and women
Rheumatoid factor modulates excess mortality in rheumatoid arthritis
Intel gets FDA OK for personal health system
By Debra Sherman
Endometriosis drug significantly reduces pain in trial
Vitamin D levels tied to colorectal cancer survival
Abnormal body fat distribution despite seen in women with RA
Diabetes risk directly related to glucose level, even within normal range
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Oral proton pump inhibitors may be adequate for control of bleeding ulcers
Age, sex, and racial differences seen in quality of life with heart disease
Rituximab diminishes flu vaccine response in RA patients
Triple therapy superior for treating moderate to severe COPD
By Will Boggs, MD
Integrated intervention improves depression and hypertension
Suboptimal drug use does not explain high cardiovascular risk in kidney disease
Diabetic foot ulcer outcome often poor over long term
By David Douglas
Overall outcomes better with laparoscopic than open gastric bypass
Adding etanercept to methotrexate ups remission odds in rheumatoid arthritis
Prehypertension in young adults linked to coronary calcification in middle age
U.S. health care is a mess, candidates agree
By Maggie Fox
Aerobic capacity lower than normal in children with hemophilia
Heparin reduces risk of venous thromboembolism after knee arthroscopy
Apolipoprotein ratio better than cholesterol ratios as indicator of MI risk
Dimebon safely improves symptoms of Alzheimer's disease
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Combination drug appears useful for hand osteoarthritis
Fluvastatin inhibits hepatitis C virus replication
Higher intensity exercise better at reversing metabolic syndrome
New lipid screening guidelines for children released
Pregnancy a risk factor for acute MI
Mantle cell lymphoma on the rise in the US
Hepatic protein linked to incident diabetes in older persons
Reducing iron stores by phlebotomy lowers cancer risk in older men
Sumatriptan-naproxen combination effective early treatment for migraine
Hepatitis C virus infection not directly tied to kidney disease
Gastric bypass may up risk of kidney stones
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Beta-blockers underdosed in veterans with heart failure
Angina common 1 year after hospitalization for MI
New program cuts depression in cancer patients
Pediatric MRSA colonization "widespread'
"Better treatment" seen needed for endometriosis
By Megan Rauscher
Early laparoscopic surgery best for acute cholecystitis
Thrombus protein linked to mortality in acute coronary syndromes
Heart failure linked to sunitinib treatment
By Michelle Rizzo
New device provides real-time assessment of lung cancer status
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
US bill with billions in health plan cuts passes House
By Kim Dixon
FACTBOX: Medicare companies watch U.S. bill impacting pay
REFILE: Web-based care plus home monitoring improves BP management
U.S. electronic health-record standards agreed
By Kim Dixon
U.S. study shows 150% jump in statin use
Inflammatory processes may link asthma and rhinosinusitis
Emergency department visits are increasing for elderly patients
Medicare private plans underestimate profits: GAO
By Kim Dixon
Insured losing access to healthcare: U.S. study
Group advises adding multiple vaccines for U.S. kids
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Prostate screening of obese men calls for PSA adjustment
By David Douglas
Stroke disparities in US regions may be due in part to diabetes variation
Mortality increased in inflammatory bowel disease treated with corticosteroids
Type 2 diabetes linked to cognitive decline in seniors
Oral contraceptives tied to cardiovascular risk in African American women
Comorbidity erodes benefits of tight glucose control in elderly
By Megan Rauscher
U.S. Court won't stop Medicare competitive bidding
U.S. Medicare proposes changes for imaging, dialysis
Invasive strategy favored for men and high-risk women with ACS
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Stent thrombosis MI predicts poor early outcome
Mortality not reduced by rhythm control for atrial fibrillation and heart failure
Plasma biomarkers identified in early stage pancreatic cancer
CSF complex may be early marker for Alzheimer's disease
BNP marker of critical heart disease in infants and children
Longer treatment course advisable with hepatitis C genotype 6
U.S. doctors making slow shift to digital records
By Julie Steenhuysen
Most asthmatics in US not vaccinated against influenza
Rate and degree of weight loss after gastric bypass governs diabetes outcome
By Karla Gale
Diabetes mellitus caused by pancreas development failure: report
Exercise blood pressure can predict risk of cardiovascular disease
By Michelle Rizzi
Inaccuracies common in medication histories of trauma patients
Acetaminophen with rizatriptan useful against migraine
High peripheral artery disease prevalence in blacks still unexplained
Web-based care plus home monitoring improves BP management
By Karla Gale
Lifestyle change alters gene expression in prostate cancer patients
By Karla Gale
Insulin resistance tied to peripheral arterial disease
HIV screening may be cost effective in older patients
Strep infection doesn't worsen childhood tics or OCD symptoms
By Will Boggs, MD
Athletic benefit of growth hormone may be psychological
Episiotomy raises laceration risk in next delivery
By David Douglas
Treated diabetes raises risk of depression
Salvage radiotherapy prolongs prostate cancer survival for some
By Karla Gale
Atypical antipsychotic drugs may reduce symptoms of Alzheimer's disease
Central blood pressure reveals more about heart disease risk
By Michelle Rizzo
Bone loss prevented by risedronate in breast cancer survivors
Voxel-based morphometry predicts rate of decline in Alzheimer disease
Computerized screening helps identify adolescent behavioral concerns
By Michelle Rizzo
Rosiglitazone may preserve vision in diabetic retinopathy
Bladder problems have major impact on multiple aspects of patients' lives
US maternity centers often not supportive of breastfeeding
Aspirin may prevent new-onset asthma in women
Blood substitute safely reduces need for transfusion following elective surgery
Hyponatremia linked to mortality with pulmonary hypertension
Dual antithrombotic therapy increases risk of bleeding events
By David Douglas
Racial disparities in outcomes seen among diabetics treated by the same physician
Connective tissue growth factor predicts diabetic nephropathy
By David Douglas
Hepatitis A mortality rates down sharply since advent of vaccine
By Martha Kerr
Aetna, lawmakers debate health costs, uninsured
By Kim Dixon and Georgina Coolidge
Accuracy of mammography readings varies by facility
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Statin pretreatment associated with better ischemic stroke outcome
Teens in high-quality foster care have better mental and physical outcomes
Metabolic syndrome tied to adverse outcomes after carotid revascularization
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Timing key for intensive glycemic therapy in type 2 diabetics
BY Martha Kerr
Maternal weight gain appears to raise risk of cleft palate
Radiation, chemo costs drive cancer spending in U.S.
New DDP-4 inhibitor shows safety, efficacy in type 2 diabetes
By Martha Kerr
Teamwork slashes cardiac surgery wound infection rates
By David Douglas
Excision not required for lobular neoplasia
By Will Boggs, MD
Active management approach improves birth outcomes
Low vitamin D levels associated with peripheral arterial disease
MRSA main cause of S. aureus community pneumonia during flu season
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Estimated average glucose value seen as new yardstick for diabetes control
By Martha Kerr
Kidney dysfunction predicts sudden cardiac death in women with coronary heart disease
Smoking in midlife may impair memory
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Shire again recalls some ADHD skin patches
Antibiotic prophylaxis does not prevent renal damage in pediatric vesicoureteral reflux
Slight CVD decrease, but no increase in deaths, seen with rosiglitazone in VA trial
By Martha Kerr
Raloxifene lowers incidence of invasive breast cancer
Carotid stenting increasing in US, mortality falling
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Electrical stimulation thresholds differ between men and women
Number of uninsured U.S. young adults grows: study
By Will Dunham
Zoledronic acid reduces early-stage breast cancer recurrence
By Megan Rauscher
Menopausal complaints associated with cardiovascular risk factors
Standard chemo better than capecitabine in older women with early breast cancer
By Megan Rauscher
Single-dose carboplatin as effective as radiation for early testicular cancer
By Megan Rauscher
Adult-onset asthma tied to coronary heart disease and stroke risk in women
By Will Boggs, MD
Genetic predisposition to colon cancer linked to better prognosis
Early intervention cost-effective for some with acute coronary syndrome
Prostate cancer therapy unrelated to metabolic syndrome
Adverse drug reaction signals for nursing home residents delineated
Coronary bypass surgery not linked to cognitive decline
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Antidepressants don't influence cancer risk in HIV-infected individuals
High total cholesterol linked to increased risk of Parkinson's disease
Kidney function and albuminuria tied to mortality
By David Douglas
Jugular site for short-term dialysis does not reduce infections.
Escitalopram, problem-solving therapy lower post-stroke depression risk
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivors at risk for new cancers, early death
Metabolic syndrome associated with coronary atherosclerotic plaque
Antioxidants may compromise cancer therapy
Stroke rehabilitation can promote brain remodeling
U.S. FDA proposes new pregnancy labels for medicines
By Lisa Richwine
Oral prednisolone safe and effective treatment for gout
Long-term survival after childhood AML is favorable
Rheumatic diseases linked with risk of neuropsychiatric hospitalization
By Will Boggs, MD
Speech impairment complicates deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's
Modestly elevated glucose in pregnancy raises future diabetes risk
CMV infection identified in newborns with hearing impairment
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Endoscopic resection of hypothalamic hamartoma can control seizures
Sleep-disordered breathing tied to post-op complications
Masked hypertension linked to target organ damage
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
G-CSF therapy appears safe after acute MI
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Algorithm could reduce cranial CT in minor pediatric head trauma
Long-acting beta-2 agonists safe, effective in COPD
By Megan Rauscher
Elevated cancer risk seen with periodontal disease
Alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency carrier status linked to lung cancer
Benign positional vertigo easily treated with body maneuvers
Prophylactic NSAID reduces post-endoscopy pancreatitis
By Martha Kerr
Oxidized LDL linked to metabolic syndrome
Combination therapy more effective in early rheumatoid arthritis
By David Douglas
Extended-release gepirone helps curb depression
Statin therapy reduces risk of coronary spasm
Good long-term results seen with laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery
Uncertainty about "true" blood pressure leads to inadequate therapy in diabetics
US panel mulls minimum breast cancer hospital stay
By Kim Dixon
Thalidomide plus dexamethasone: improved primary myeloma therapy
OSA in very young children may have cardiovascular consequences
By Megan Rauscher
Metabolic syndrome linked to higher diabetes risk in elderly
Behavioral problems common in children with urinary incontinence
Early intensive insulin therapy improves beta-cell function in new diabetics
Shingles vaccine recommended for all older adults
Nighttime aspirin may delay progression of prehypertension to hypertension
By Martha Kerr
Chronic muscle diseases associated with statin exposure
Mastectomy rates up; MRI use one possible factor
By Megan Rauscher
Depressive conditions linked to asthma severity
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Statin use might cut Parkinson's disease risk
By David Douglas
Metabolic syndrome traits linked to kidney stones
NY governor proposes limiting drugmakers' gifts to physicians
Drug ad effects on people need more study: FDA panel
By Susan Heavey
Many non-AIDS-defining cancers more common in HIV patients
Sequential therapy best approach to H. pylori infection
Breastfeeding linked to reduced risk of rheumatoid arthritis after menopause
Appeals court overturns $7.75 mln Vioxx verdict
No relief for U.S. nursing shortage: AMN CEO
By Nick Zieminski
Men with rheumatoid arthritis at increased risk of cardiovascular events
Reduced cancer risk seen with statin use
Bayer pulls U.S. Trasylol supplies after study findings
By Gene Emery
One dead, 280 quarantined on Canadian train
By Frank Pingue and David Ljunggren
US court hears claim linking vaccines to autism
By Maggie Fox
Tests showed no disease outbreak on Canadian train
Ultrasound plus mammography detects more cancers in high-risk women
COX-2 inhibitor plus PPI best for preventing NSAID-related gastropathy
By Scott Baltic
U.S. health service companies seek growth abroad
By Lewis Krauskopf
Healthcare industry, foundation offer reform plans
By Kim Dixon
Anti-breast cancer effect of physical activity strongest in certain groups
Comorbidity may explain difficult-to-treat asthma in obese patients
Intensity patterns of smoking and cancer confirmed in wider range of cancers
By Scott Baltic
Health care providers sue to stop California cuts
U.S. hospital ERs overwhelmed, one-day study finds
By Maggie Fox
Metformin safe alternative to insulin for gestational diabetes
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Gastroesophageal reflux inversely associated with blood pressure
Estrogen hormone therapy may raise risk of reflux: study
U.S. Medicare to tighten rules for private plans
Patients prefer polite physicians: U.S. report
By Gene Emery
Awareness of stroke symptoms lacking in US
Weight-loss drugs may harm developing brain: study
By Julie Steenhuysen
Amitriptyline may alleviate irritable bowel symptoms in teens
Anemia affects outcome in vascular surgery patients
Ezetimibe, simvastatin and niacin effective for hyperlipidemia
Government vows NHS change will benefit patients
By Michael Holden
WHO seeks more collaborative research on birdflu
By Stephanie Nebehay
New mental health policy may help more U.S. troops
By David Morgan
Pain highly prevalent in US survey
U.S. reports biggest measles outbreak since 2001
By Will Dunham
Less frequent cholesterol checks okay after statin initiation: study
By Megan Rauscher
Long-term ibuprofen use lowers Alzheimer's risk
By Julie Steenhuysen
Botulinum toxin not effective for migraine, tension headache -- guidelines
Wal-Mart expanding its low-priced drug program
By Nicole Maestri
U.S. health care waits to ignite as campaign issue
By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent
Proton pump inhibitors don't appear to influence colorectal cancer risk
Osteoporosis drugs have similar efficacy for fracture prevention
Merck to cut sales force after drug rejection
By Ransdell Pierson
NYC mayor: don't convert health plan, pad exec pay
By Joan Gralla
Medicare 'drifting towards disaster': U.S. official
U.S. FDA approves irritable bowel drug
U.S. FDA to add 1,300 staffers in big expansion
By Lisa Richwine
US Congress votes to ban genetic discrimination
By Will Dunham and Thomas Ferraro
Federal appeals court won't yet overturn "Plan B" ruling
Wealthier pick high-deductible health plans: U.S. GAO
By Kim Dixon
Antipsychotic drugs increase pneumonia risk in elderly patients
Less Medicare pain seen for U.S. nursing homes
By Kim Dixon
Antihypertensive treatment may need to be intensified in winter months
By Mat?­as A. Loewy
Diabetes increasingly prevalent in women at time of conception
Heart rate reduction the main reason beta-blockers are beneficial in heart failure
Experts see boost to genetic testing from U.S. bill
By Will Dunham
Automated blood pressure monitor equal to manual mercury device
Thiazolidinedione use again linked to fractures
U.S. Medicare proposes cuts to hospice wages
U.S. hospital companies still face major challenge
By Kim Dixon
Medco CEO weighs greater presence in OTC drugs
By Lewis Krauskopf
Delayed screening main cause of advanced cervical cancer
Anti-TNF drugs equivalent for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Educational visits linked to less hospitalization and lower costs for diabetic patients
Medicare 5-year cancer bill tops $21.1 bln: study
By Julie Steenhuysen
Beta blockers can be safely used in hospitalized COPD patients
U.S. senior drug benefit gets 'mixed picture' review
By Will Dunham
Medicare drug program may have increased medication adherence
U.S. researchers confirm heparin contaminant
Clinical monitoring suitable for HIV drug decisions in resource-limited settings
Raising HDL and lowering LDL cholesterol maximizes CAD risk reduction
By Martha Kerr
Nearly half of initial antiretroviral regimens don't adhere to guidelines
Stroke-related headache usually begins on first day
By Michelle Rizzo
U.S. Senate OKs bill barring genetic discrimination
By Will Dunham
Factors linked with early-onset osteoporosis may raise cancer risk
Pre-op MRI influences type and timing of breast cancer treatment
By Martha Kerr
Physical exercise may reduce cancer-related fatigue
DPT vaccination delay may reduce asthma risk in children
By David Douglas
Peripheral arterial disease has worse long-term prognosis than heart disease
Nasal obstruction surgery improves QOL in sleep apnea patients
AMI patients seen during hospital off-hours get slower and less care
Medco inks key deal with UnitedHealth; shares jump
U.S. may face shortage of general surgeons
U.S. watchdog critical of FDA foreign drug oversight
By Lisa Richwine
U.S. FDA approves Crohn's disease drug, with caution
U.S. FDA: Data links contaminant to heparin problems
U.S. safety inspector to start role in China
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Short hospital stay for pulmonary embolism linked with mortality
SSRI-resistant depression may require antidepressant class switch
Blood pressure in diabetic children predicts level later in life
Better use of palliative care eases suffering of children with cancer
By Will Boggs, MD
2007-2008 influenza vaccine reasonably effective despite mismatch
Simvastatin reduces insulin sensitivity in patients with high cholesterol
Family study confirms link between pesticides and Parkinson's disease
Glycemic control inadequate in half of elderly patients with diabetes
U.S. flu vaccine effectiveness lower than usual
By Will Dunham
Adding triamcinolone does not improve outcome of migraine therapy
By David Douglas
Group urges heart test before kids get ADHD drugs
By Will Dunham
Smoking intervention helps teens quit or remain abstinent
Estrogen may modify effects of calcium and vitamin D on colorectal cancer
By Michelle Rizzo
Statins linked to modest reduction in blood pressure
Ghost authorship common in rofecoxib studies
U.S. senators: FDA funds do not meet global needs
McCain would hike drug costs for wealthy Americans
By Steve Holland
Statin/NSAID combo inhibits androgen-independent prostate cancer growth
By Megan Rauscher
Weekly paclitaxel after adjuvant chemo improves breast cancer survival
Intensified atorvastatin regimen reduces cardiovascular risk in women and men
Downturn for health insurers? Results may hold clue
By Lewis Krauskopf
Vioxx criticism may tarnish Merck but settlement safe
By Bill Berkrot
U.S. must do more to stem hospital infections: report
By Kim Dixon
NYC mayor: U.S. gov't should cover 9/11 health costs
By Edith Honan and Joan Gralla
Routine self-monitoring of blood glucose counterproductive in type 2 diabetes
Parkinson's disease may spread to grafted neurons
Fake Tamiflu detected quickly by new screening technology
By Karla Gale
Renal dysfunction predicts sudden cardiac death in women with heart disease
Depression may up risk of Alzheimer's disease
Novartis highlights big pharma diversity drive
By Sam Cage
Reductions in reimbursement linked to changes in prostate cancer treatment
New guidelines address treatment of resistant hypertension
Climate change may worsen health crises: WHO
By Laura MacInnis
Expert panel urges improvements in elderly care
By Will Dunham
Some cardiovascular risk seen with celecoxib used to prevent colon adenomas
By Megan Rauscher
High-dose statin therapy useful for patients with heart and kidney disease
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
No rise in depressive symptoms with early Alzheimer's disease
Novartis further curbs Zelnorm use in U.S.
By Susan Heavey
Abnormal Pap smears more likely in women with inflammatory bowel disease
By Will Boggs, MD
Chronic insomnia prolongs depressive episodes in elderly patients
By Karla Gale
Treatment of depression improves HAART compliance in HIV-positive patients
Normal weight obesity tied to increased cardio-metabolic risk
By Martha Kerr
U.S. Medicare kidney dialysis guidelines finalized
Report says 90,000 infants in U.S. maltreated annually
By Will Dunham
CNS effects of beta-blockers may contribute to benefits in heart failure
By Will Boggs, MD
Antidepressant use is linked to diabetes risk
By Michelle Rizzo
U.S. House passes big hike in global AIDS funds
By Will Dunham
Free drug samples may result in higher prescription costs
By Karla Gale
Cholesterol researcher balked at delaying Vytorin results: U.S. lawmaker
By Susan Heavey
Cholesterol scientist balked at delay: U.S. lawmaker
By Susan Heavey
AstraZeneca sees study fuelling Crestor sales
By Ben Hirschler
DNA idea wins $1 million U.S. cancer prize
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
U.S. doctors support universal health care: survey
UK health screening to save 2,000 lives a year
By Tim Castle
Obesity associated with more healthcare usage during pregnancy
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
RA medication may reduce cardiovascular events
By David Douglas
Ulcerative colitis may respond to treatment with rosiglitazone
U.S. senator has questions on Amgen anemia drug rebates
U.S. Democratic lawmakers blast CDC on FEMA trailers
Most US physicians support national health insurance
Prescribing of ezetimibe higher in US than Canada
By Martha Kerr
New cancer treatment success rates approach 50 percent
More aggressive treatment of hypertension in elderly indicated
By Martha Kerr
Anemia predicts higher risk of relapse with chemotherapy-treated breast cancer
Weight-loss drug slows atherosclerosis progression
By Martha Kerr
High-risk HPV common among screened women in US
Celebrex tied to cardiovascular events in high-risk patients
Family cancer history boosts risk for Hodgkin's lymphoma survivors
By David Douglas
Diabetics' cardiovascular risk similar to that of nondiabetics with prior MI
Merck obesity drug shows weight loss in study
spending triggers new funding proposal
By David Lawder
U.S. Medicare spending triggers new funding proposal
By David Lawder
Once-daily insulin glargine suitable for inadequately controlled type 2 diabetes
Eating disorders common in patients with narcolepsy
Stroke patients with psychiatric issues less likely to return to work
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Better diabetes foot care leads to fewer amputations
U.S. FDA probes suicide risk with Merck's Singulair
By Susan Heavey
Heart failure makes major noncardiac surgery more risky
Low testosterone levels common in diabetic men
Watchful waiting an option in some women with high-risk HPV infection
By Megan Rauscher
A1C values cannot be transformed into calculated mean glucose levels
Combination chemotherapy better than erlotinib as initial treatment for advanced NSCLC
Vagus nerve stimulation may treat refractory rapid-cycling bipolar disorder
Metformin may delay onset of diabetes in at-risk subjects
Parental hypertension a lifelong risk factor for hypertension in men
FOBT screening reduces emergency colorectal cancer admissions
Hormone therapy raises risk of breast cancer recurrence
Pretreatment MRI identifies aggressive prostate cancer
Skin test predicts microvascular complications in diabetes
Below-normal lung function predicts development of COPD
By Martha Kerr
U.S. government sees overhaul of AIDS vaccine effort
By Andrew Quinn
Methods for evaluating unclassified variants of BRCA1/2 yield similar results
By Will Boggs, MD
Asthma-related medicine use common in US children
Miami doctor breaks new ground in cancer surgery
By Tom Brown
Small business wields power in U.S. health debate
By Kim Dixon
Republicans, Democrats diverge on U.S. health care
Potential drug target for Alzheimer's disease identified
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Chemotherapy after gastric cancer surgery remains controversial
One third of asthmatics use psychotropic agents
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Cochlear implants improve quality of life
First-line EGFR inhibition may benefit selected lung cancer patients
Statins reduce cardiovascular mortality in hypertensives and normotensives
Physical activity not linked to breast density
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
U.S. Medicare cuts oxygen, apnea pay rates
FDA staff seek new warning on Baxter anesthetic
Simvastatin+fenofibrate better than either alone for mixed dyslipidemia in diabetics
Intermittent antiretroviral therapy does not improve quality of life
By Martha Kerr
New technique holds promise for retinoblastoma
Depression not linked to long-term mortality after MI
Acid-blocking therapy in pregnancy increases infant's asthma risk
By Martha Kerr
CVS Caremark settles probe over dispensing of drug
Higher dose clopidogrel improves platelet inhibition in some diabetics
By Will Boggs, MD
Cardiac surgery outcomes worse with use of older red blood cells
Undiagnosed primary immunodeficiency is a major healthcare burden
By Martha Kerr
FDA grants fast review of Gardasil for adult women
Autoantibody assay may lead to earlier detection of lung cancer
Demographic and psychosocial factors affect antiretroviral drug use
By Will Boggs, MD
Basic lung function measures detect pulmonary hypertension in pulmonary fibrosis
By Scott Baltic
ACE inhibitors improve survival in diastolic heart failure
US tuberculosis rate in 2007 lowest ever
Stable angina more common in women
Lab tests not needed to screen for cardiovascular disease risk
Combination therapy effective against multiple myeloma
Heart failure management programs are cost effective
Breast-feeding lowers type 2 diabetes risk in adolescence
Aspirin use may cut asthma risk in women
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Hormone replacement therapy has no effect on rheumatoid arthritis
By David Douglas
Shorter hospital stay after MI not associated with increased post-discharge mortality
By Will Boggs, MD
Testing for colorectal cancer on the rise, but barriers to screening still exist
Admission glycemic status predicts outcome in heart failure patients
Slightly increased risk of second primary malignancy after thyroid cancer treatment
By Will Boggs, MD
Diabetes linked to risk of endometrial cancer
U.S. drug sales grew at slowest rate since 1961: IMS
Follow-up mailings increase beta-blocker adherence after MI
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
ACE inhibitors can lower risk of atrial fibrillation in dialysis patients
By Martha Kerr
Sick drug companies seek cure in diversity
By Ben Hirschler, European Pharmaceuticals Correspondent
NY Attorney Genl expands probe of health insurers
SSRIs seen effective for obsessive compulsive disorder
Many older breast cancer patients discontinue tamoxifen
By David Douglas
Breast cancer risk may be reduced after gestational diabetes
Women with angina and normal coronary arteries fare worse than similar men
By Will Boggs, MD
Blood test indicates lymph node spread in localized prostate cancer
Aspirin may be a safe anti-thrombotic after knee replacement
Diabetes type affects outcomes after hip and knee arthroplasty
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
U.S. FDA requests more safety data on long-acting beta-agonists
Estrogen levels predict breast cancer recurrence
Blood pressure vaccine seen safe and effective
Knowledge of "lung age" improves smoking quit rates
Laparoscopic surgery provides long-term relief from GERD
Smoking and hypertension act synergistically to promote hemorrhagic stroke
Nearly 6 million falls annually reported among older adults in the US
US House OKs bill backing mental health coverage
By Will Dunham
Report maps U.S. drug, mental health issues by state
By Julie Steenhuysen
New colon screening recommendations offer choices
By Maggie Fox
Multifactorial care helps elderly maintain function, independence
Diabetes glucose cutoff not useful for detecting retinopathy
Gene expression tests may improve breast cancer management
Google unveils personal medical record service
By Barbara Liston
Many US adults are sleep deprived: CDC
Obesity increases the risk of atrial fibrillation
6-minute walk distance test a surrogate for survival in COPD
NSAID-related ulcer rate declines in RA patients
Higher statin doses do not appear to reduce atrial fibrillation risk
By Scott Baltic
Tamoxifen may be useful for mania with bipolar disorder
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Cell phone use linked to benign parotid gland tumors
Age-related macular degeneration tied to 10-year vascular mortality risk
Psychological distress, not depression, may raise stroke risk
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Merck says thousands file for Vioxx payments
Physicians not skilled at assessing parental understanding
By Karla Gale
Statins reduce contrast-induced nephropathy
By David Douglas
Donepezil ameliorates sleep apnea-related disturbances in Alzheimer disease
Best pharmacologic treatment of dementia unclear: guidelines
Elevated cancer risk seen in ex-hormone users
High blood pressure linked to kidney cancer risk
By Will Boggs, MD
Thiazides advised for older hypertensive patients with metabolic syndrome
By Martha Kerr
Epoetin, darbepoetin linked to higher mortality, more VTEs in cancer patients
Obstructive sleep apnea common in patients with refractory chronic headache
Combined breast screening provides best survival for BRCA1 mutation carriers
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Obesity raises risk of perioperative respiratory problems in children
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Economic consequences of early breast cancer treatment often severe
By Karla Gale
U.S. health care spending surge seen in next decade
By Will Dunham
Hepatitis C confirmed as a risk factor for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Risk of developing diabetes increases with rising serum uric acid levels
Statins may reduce risk of kidney cancer
Increasing midlife stroke incidence in women linked to obesity
By Martha Kerr
Arizona governor seeks ban on new Medicaid rules
Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis reaches new high
Insulin resistance independently associated with chronic hepatitis C
By Michelle Rizzo
Newly approved clot removal device improves ischemic stroke outcome
By Martha Kerr
Fractures, spine osteoarthritis inversely linked with osteoporosis
By Megan Rauscher
Statin and ACE inhibitor may cut pneumonia mortality
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Physicians lacking in knowledge of end-stage heart failure
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
All US kids should get flu vaccine, panel says
Stroke education programs have lifespan of about 2 years
By Martha Kerr
New drug plus behavioral therapy benefits adolescents with resistant depression
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
MRI findings predict evolution of preclinical multiple sclerosis
By Will Boggs, MD
Parent education decreases emergency visits for children's ear pain
Chemotherapy for Hodgkin lymphoma linked to premature menopause
Free drugs following MI would save U.S. millions of dollars
Aromatase inhibitors slightly increase cardiovascular risk
Obstructive sleep apnea risk factor for death in stroke patients
Laser could provide breath test for cancer, asthma
In-patient mortality after cardiac arrest higher nights and weekends
Community-acquired MRSA often fatal
Early PCI outcomes comparable with eptifibatide and abciximab
PVCs during exercise recovery linked to increased mortality
Glycated albumin test needed to assess glucose in hemodialysis patients
High BMI linked to stroke mortality among overweight men
Acute heart failure patients without COPD often given bronchodilator therapy
By Will Boggs, MD
Interval between menarche and first birth linked to breast cancer risk
Respiratory illness in childhood heightens mortality risk in adulthood
CVS Caremark settles prescription changes
Beta-blockers reduce MI risk after cocaine use
By Will Boggs, MD
Metabolic syndrome in children predicts adult metabolic syndrome and diabetes
By Megan Rauscher
Invasive pneumococcal disease in US greatly reduced with vaccine
Whole new flu vaccine needed next year: WHO
Pneumonia deaths seen with rotavirus vaccine
Hair sample may provide non-invasive means of breast cancer diagnosis
No difference seen with glucosamine or placebo for hip osteoarthritis
Statin pretreatment improves myocardial perfusion after primary angioplasty
Many DCIS patients overestimate recurrence risk
Aspirin desensitization therapy can be cost effective
US lawmakers examine Web postings in Vytorin probe
By Lisa Richwine
Physicians influence likelihood of colorectal cancer screening
Perrigo says FDA clears generic version of Pepcid
Statins, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers benefit HF patients with good LV function
Digital mammography best for screening in some younger women
International diabetes study contradicts US trial
By Julie Steenhuysen
NY Attorney General probes health insurers over reimbursement
Hepatic insulin resistance produces features of metabolic syndrome
By Will Boggs, MD
Best treatment for localized prostate cancer remains unclear
By Will Boggs, MD
Excess body weight raises cancer risk
Reuters Summit - U.S. Medicare chief stands by anemia decision
US FDA reviewing safety of Botox, rival product
By Lisa Richwine
Drug combination safe, effective for acne in women
Multiple NSAID use tied to reduced quality of life
Studies detect slew of new genes for prostate risk
By Michael Kahn
Coronary artery disease incidence may be on the rise
U.S. generic biotech drugs face hurdles this year
By Kim Dixon
US expresses concern about vaccine, flu cases up
By Will Dunham
Several factors contribute to gastroesophageal reflux perception
Intensive glucose-lowering strategy dropped from ACCORD trial
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Calcium channel blockers may lower risk of Parkinson disease
Hospital-based flu vaccination programs could target children at highest risk
By Karla Gale
Halting of ACCORD trial arm prompts questions about glycemic control level
By Julie Steenhuysen
Inhaled corticosteroids boost airway enzyme in asthma
Reduced exercise capacity associated with future cardiac events
Heredity seen as a factor in death from influenza
Intimate partner violence associated with chronic health conditions
Merck reaches settlement in Medicaid rebate probe
By Jon Hurdle
WHO finds anti-smoking efforts fall short
Physician counseling helps diabetic patients make lifestyle changes
Early initiation of HIV treatment may increase life expectancy
Low-molecular-weight heparin seen preferable to unfractionated heparin after stroke
By David Douglas
Calculated cost of assisted reproduction can help in decision making
By Martha Kerr
New study further refutes link between MMR vaccination and autism
Drug-name mix-ups hurt patients, getting worse
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Pharmacokinetic study casts further doubt on vaccine-autism link
Prevalence of HIV-associated pulmonary hypertension unchanged with HAART
Obesity drug prescriptions soar in Britain
U.S. warns of suicidality with epilepsy drugs
Adalimumab therapy effective for psoriasis
By David Douglas
Racial differences in severe sepsis outcomes may reflect hospital care
WHO reports Tamiflu-resistant flu in U.S., Canada
By Stephanie Nebehay
Anti-smoking Chantrix drug needs stronger warning: FDA
U.S. funding shortfalls threaten science research
By Andrew Stern
Survival benefit seen with radiation therapy in early pancreatic cancer
By Will Boggs, MD
Persistent depression after ACS linked to worse physical health
Elevated risk of death and MI seen within 90 days of stopping clopidogrel
Etanercept-methotrexate better than monotherapy for RA
Breast MRI prior to breast-conserving treatment does not improve outcome
By Scott Baltic
Intranasal insulin improves memory in early Alzheimer disease
High blood pressure predicts new-onset type 2 diabetes in women
Currently Reading
Women more likely than men to have subclinical aortic atherosclerosis
Study children and cellphones, U.S. experts advise
Stroke risk rises shortly after an acute coronary syndrome
Preexisting depression influences discharge destination after acute stroke
Ultrasound quality strongly affects ovarian cancer management
Decline in quality of care correlates with time since last board certification
Resting heart rate predicts benefit of post-MI therapy
Surgery for non-small-cell lung cancer improves quality of life
Etanercept plus methotrexate effective long-term against rheumatoid arthritis
By Will Boggs, MD
Peer reviewer leaked Avandia study results to drug maker
Merck says "media hype" overlooks Vytorin value
Schwarzenegger to press universal health insurance
By Jim Christie
NYC fears big rate hikes if health plan converts
By Edith Honan
Healthways shares fall on CMS medicare program worries
By Niveditha Ravi
Anxiety and depression linked to cardiac events in stable coronary artery disease
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Merck signs deal for Fosamax authorized generic
More women need folic acid supplements: U.S. experts
By Will Dunham
CORRECTION: Anxiety and depression linked to cardiac events in stable coronary artery disease
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
New guidelines seek to improve palliative care at end of life
Family practices employing NPs deliver better diabetes care
Influenza vaccination rates still suboptimal among hospital health care workers
By Will Boggs, MD
Long-term adalimumab improves quality of life in severe rheumatoid arthritis
Real-world outcomes of high-risk cancer surgery poor in very elderly
By Scott Baltic
U.S. abortion rate at lowest level since '74
By Megan Rauscher
Computerization reduces medication "variances" in NICU
By Will Boggs, MD
U.S. warns against OTC cold and cough medications for children under 2
By Lisa Richwine
Recovery from cardiomyopathy with medical therapy predicted by multiple factors
By David Douglas
Cost of glaucoma meds varies widely, may affect management
By Scott Baltic
FDA warns of severe pain with bisphosphonates
Obstructive sleep apnea treatment appears to lower cardiovascular risk
Hospitals neglect measures to prevent catheter-related UTIs
Statins may reduce cancer incidence in older patients
FDA warnings modestly affect antidepressant use in youth
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Diabetes experts urge caution in using thiazolidinediones in type 2 diabetes
Statin therapy should be considered for most diabetics
Resistant hypertension linked to sleep apnea
Racial gap in cancer therapy persists
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Vitamin D deficiency linked to cardiovascular disease
Oral route for prednisolone may be best for COPD flare-ups
Report sees 7.6 million global 2007 cancer deaths
By Will Dunham
U.S. panel says data support cold medicines
By Lisa Richwine
Newly discovered gene family important in fat storage
By Megan Rauscher
Poor sleep quality may raise risk of diabetes
Moderate alcohol consumption lowers fasting glucose in type 2 diabetics
By Martha Kerr
All-digital mammography for breast cancer screening not cost effective
Bush signs child health program extension into law
Three-gene panel predicts survival in non-small cell lung cancer
Short-term androgen deprivation markedly slows prostate cancer progression
Cancer patients often consider opioid treatment a sign of imminent death
By Karla Gale
Endocarditis-related stroke risk falls after antibiotic therapy starts
By Will Boggs, MD
Chronic inflammation not seen important in development of ovarian cancer
Women more likely than men to survive stroke
By Karla Gale
Cancer risk low with annual lung CT in cystic fibrosis patients
Bush vetoes children's health bill a second time
By Caren Bohan
Merck recalls 1.2 mln doses of children's vaccines
Merck pushes for over-the-counter statin in U.S.
By Lisa Richwine
Weight control may help slow progression of atherosclerosis in type 1 diabetics
Oral and IV antibiotics equivalent for pediatric community-acquired pneumonia
Long-term data show superiority of anastrazole over tamoxifen in early breast cancer
By Martha Kerr
Omalizumab not cost effective for severe asthma
Childhood asthma persists in most children
By Will Boggs, MD
US panel rejects over-the-counter statin bid
By Lisa Richwine
Outcome of HER-2-positive breast cancer tied to hormone receptor status
By Martha Kerr
Gabapentin may help alcoholics maintain abstinence
Crohn's disease manifests differently in boys and girls
US FDA cautions about desmopressin use after two deaths
Insulin reduces mortality in patients with ACS and hyperglycemia
By Will Boggs, MD
Depressive symptoms common, undertreated in patients with COPD
Childhood BMI directly related to heart disease risk in adulthood
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Early corticosteroid treatment recommended for autoimmune pancreatitis
By Scott Baltic
Hypertension linked to increased risk of mild cognitive impairment
Age, certain kinds of pain identify patients at risk for progressive hip osteoarthritis
Heart risks with rosiglitazone seen at population level
Extended adjuvant aromatase inhibitor therapy beneficial in breast cancer
Leukemia vaccine triples event-free survival
By Martha Kerr
Cardiac-resynchronization therapy of little benefit in some cases of heart failure
Symptom prevalence low 4 years after successful colorectal cancer treatment
Statin use tied to hemorrhagic stroke in patients with recent stroke or TIA
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Home-based intervention may improve quality of life in low-income seniors
Age at type 1 diabetes diagnosis linked to long-term outcomes
Merck, Schering-Plough cholesterol trial faces probe
By Lisa Baertlein
Pneumococcal vaccination in young children lowers healthcare utilization
Drugmakers to spotlight strategies, pipelines
By Ransdell Pierson
Health insurance prices won't heat up until '09: Fitch
Evidence for lung cancer screening deemed overstated
By Will Boggs, MD
Observational findings often persist in face of contradictory scientific evidence
By Karla Gale
Cutting chronic diseases in developing countries would avert millions of deaths
Over 40 million in U.S. can't afford health care: report
Gene therapy for Parkinson's disease modulates abnormal brain networks
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Pap smears appear to reduce risk of sexually transmitted infections
By David Douglas
U.S. health coverage shrinks as costs up again: study
Substituting exenatide for insulin may be feasible for some type 2 diabetics
By Scott Baltic
Handwashing more useful than drugs in virus control
FDA advisers back stronger flu drug warnings
By Kim Dixon
3-D mammography cuts false-positive rates by half
By Martha Kerr
Colorectal cancer survival differs by race and ethnicity
High cholesterol raises mortality from heart disease, but not stroke
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Clinton, Obama trade shots over U.S. health care
By Kay Henderson
Excessive CT scans pose radiation risk: U.S. doctors
By Gene Emery
Familial factors influence diabetic microvascular complications
By Will Boggs, MD
U.S. aims to take HIV tests to high-risk people
By Will Dunham
Cognitive activity may reduce Alzheimer's risk
Drug-eluting stents improve patient outcomes in routine practice
Fecal occult blood screening reduces mortality rates
By Karla Gale
Anxiety and depression higher in relatives of Parkinson's disease patients
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Aspirin less cardioprotective in women than men
By Megan Rauscher
Bush uses sixth veto to reject health-labor bill
By Caren Bohan
Four Chicago transplant recipients contract HIV
By Julie Steenhuysen
U.S. FDA adds warning to Avandia
By Julie Vorman and Maggie Fox
Metabolic syndrome common among younger MI patients
Sleep apnea tied to seizures in elderly epileptics
By David Douglas
Drug company funding appears to influence conclusions of meta-analyses
Statins, beta-blockers still underused in black patients
Anti-obesity drugs promote modest weight loss
Map to better U.S. health care: centralize, organize
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Obesity, overweight associated with increased prostate cancer mortality
By Will Boggs, MD
No deluge of new Vioxx claims seen after deal: judge
By Russell McCulley
Fluoroquinolone restriction policy reduces use in elderly population
Uncontrolled asthma common among US adults
By Megan Rauscher
Time runs out on talks on drugs for poor countries
FDA OKs nonprescription use of Zyrtec-D
Early disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis treatment predicts 1-year response
By Michelle Rizzo
US rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis up in 2006: CDC
By Megan Rauscher
Informed consent practical during trials involving life-threatening conditions
By will Boggs, MD
Aetna in pact with N.Y. over doctor-ranking program
Tests of dubious value drive up health costs: study
By Joanne Kenen
Global survey reveals many people do not think AIDS is fatal
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Vaccines cut disease deaths by 99% - US study
Disease management program improves care of heart disease patients
By Will Boggs, MD
Crestor fails to reduce mortality in systolic heart failure
HPV vaccine Gardasil protects older women
By Julie Steenhuysen
WHO health chief urges fast action on cheap drugs
By Robert Evans
Artery disease rises among U.S. women, study shows
By Will Dunham
Bupropion plus counseling may help teens quit smoking
DMARDs often ineffective after methotrexate failure in rheumatoid arthritis
By David Douglas
Obesity may be protective in progressive prostate cancer
NSAIDS may reduce risk of Parkinson disease
By Karla Gale
Older age at diagnosis a risk factor for mortality in childhood-onset diabetes
Delay in radical cystectomy does not worsen bladder cancer outcome
By Will Boggs, MD
Merck agrees to pay $4.85 bln in Vioxx settlement
By Lewis Krauskopf
Marked rise in contralateral prophylactic mastectomies seen in US
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Researchers say HIV testing in U.S. remains low
By Will Dunham
Sponsorship may have "determinant effects" on safety outcomes of clinical trials
Six Sigma practices reduce in-hospital mortality of pneumonia
By Martha Kerr
Medicare medical chief sees no new ESA-drug evidence
U.S. Senate passes health funds that Bush opposes
By Richard Cowan
Diabetes personal trainers improve self-management by teenagers
U.S. Senate approves children's health bill
By Donna Smith
U.S. inspects few foreign drugmakers, Congress told
By Lisa Richwine
Antireflux medications overprescribed for infants with regurgitation
By Karla Gale
ACE inhibitors and ARBs reduce blood pressure and proteinuria to similar extent
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
Cancer-specific QOL unimproved by exercise program
Cancer mortality continues to drop
By Maggie Fox
Report criticizes Medicare drug plan costs
By Lisa Richwine
Report critical of U.S. Medicare drug plan costs
By Lisa Richwine
NYC mayor eyes Governors Island for health research
By Joan Gralla
Motivation in smoking cessation tied to age of smoker
By Martha Kerr
WellPoint, Zagat to launch doctor-rating Web tool
In New Hampshire, health care swaying elderly votes
By Jason Szep
US FDA explores behind-the-counter drug sales
Medicare says will recoup $4 bln from drug plans
Surgery offers best survival for localized prostate cancer
By Anthony J. Brown, MD
HER2 positivity in breast cancer predicts paclitaxel benefit
Screening models identify women likely to carry BRCA1/2 mutations
By Will Boggs, MD
Clarified protocol issued for studies without informed consent
Drugmakers recall infant cough/cold medicine in U.S.
By Debra Sherman
No excess adverse outcomes seen with inadvertent rubella vaccination during pregnancy
Routine health care lags for U.S. children: study
By Gene Emery
Health care vital to many New Hampshire voters
By Carey Gillam and Andrew Stern
Guidelines fail to identify most early stage ovarian cancers
Obesity a significant risk factor for colorectal cancer: study
By Megan Rauscher
Long-term care insurance "troubling": U.S. lawmaker
Billions of days lost to illness, U.S. study finds
Cardinal sees boon from Medicare rule
By Debra Sherman
US senators seek private equity nursing home probe
UnitedHealth Group unveils new Medicare plans for 2008
Obesity may push US health costs above Europe

Women more likely than men to have subclinical aortic atherosclerosis


Women more likely than men to have subclinical aortic atherosclerosis

Last Updated: 2008-01-18 14:21:13 -0400 (Reuters Health)

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Among people without hypertension, women have more subclinical aortic atherosclerosis than men do, according to a report in the January issue of Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology.
"Despite the delay in clinical cardiovascular disease (CVD) events, cardiovascular MRI (CMR) measures of subclinical atherosclerosis are at least as common in young and middle-aged women as in men," Dr. Warren J. Manning told Reuters Health.
Dr. Manning from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts and colleagues sought to determine the relationship of age, sex, and hypertension to the prevalence and burden of aortic atherosclerosis among 1726 participants in the Framingham Heart Study.
Nearly half (46%) of the 1526 subjects without CVD had aortic plaque on CMR, the authors report, and aortic plaque was 7 times more prevalent in the abdomen than in the thorax.
In the subset of no-CVD subjects without hypertension, the prevalence of abdominal aortic plaque, the prevalence of any aortic plaque, and total plaque volume were significantly greater in women than in men. There was no gender difference in these measures among hypertensive individuals.
"We did not anticipate this, as data suggest that women have a decade delay in the development of clinical CVD syndromes," Dr. Manning said. "We had thought there would be a similar delay in subclinical atherosclerosis."
In all groups, the prevalence of atherosclerosis increased with age, the report indicates, and aortic plaque prevalence was higher in the hypertensive group than in the no-hypertension group.
"Hypertension is associated with increased subclinical atherosclerosis, but nearly half of non-hypertensive subjects have MR evidence of subclinical atherosclerosis," Dr. Manning concluded. "Though unproven, we hypothesize that enhanced primary prevention treatments of patients with subclinical atherosclerosis will lead to a reduction in subsequent clinical events."

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 2008;28:155-159.

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