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The American Journal of Managed Care March 2010
Ratio of Controller to Total Asthma Medications: Determinants of the Measure
Michael S. Broder, MD; Benjamin Gutierrez, PhD; Eunice Chang, PhD; David Meddis, PhD; and Michael Schatz, MD
An Intervention for VA Patients With Congestive Heart Failure
Laurel A. Copeland, PhD; Gregory D. Berg, PhD; Donna M. Johnson, MHS; and Richard L. Bauer, MD
Cost-Effectiveness of Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine Among Healthcare Workers During an Influenza Pandemic
Kenneth J. Smith, MD, MS; Mahlon Raymund, PhD; Mary Patricia Nowalk, PhD, RD;Mark S. Roberts, MD, MPP; and Richard K. Zimmerman, MD, MPH
Health Plan Use of Immunization Information Systems for Quality Measurement
Alan C. O'Connor, MBA; Christine M. Layton, PhD, MPH; Todd J. Osbeck, MM; Therese M. Hoyle; and Bobby Rasulnia, PhD
Improving Influenza Immunization in Pregnant Women and Healthcare Workers
Melanie E. Mouzoon, MD; Flor M. Munoz, MD; Anthony J. Greisinger, PhD; Brenda J. Brehm, MA; Oscar A. Wehmanen, MS; Frances A. Smith, MD; Julie A. Markee, RN, MPH; and W. Paul Glezen, MD
Mail-Order Versus Local Pharmacies on Adherence: Study Methods Make for Unfair Comparison
Todd A. Brown, MHP and Nathaniel M. Rickles, PhD. Reply by O. Kenrick Duru, MD, MSHS; Julie A. Schmittdiel, PhD; Wendy T. Dyer, MSc; Melissa M. Parker, MS; Connie S. Uratsu, MS; James Chan, PharmD; and Andrew J. Karter, PhD
Adoption and Use of Stand-Alone Electronic Prescribing in a Health Plan-Sponsored Initiative
Joshua M. Pevnick, MD, MSHS; Steven M. Asch, MD, MPH; John L. Adams, PhD; Soeren Mattke, MD, DSc; Mihir H. Patel, PharmD; Susan L. Ettner, PhD; and Douglas S. Bell, MD, PhD
Risk Adjustment for Medicare Beneficiaries With Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias
Pei-Jung Lin, PhD; Matthew L. Maciejewski, PhD; John E. Paul, PhD;and Andrea K. Biddle, PhD
Economics of Influenza Vaccine Administration Timing for Children
Bruce Y. Lee, MD, MBA; Julie H. Y. Tai, MD; Rachel R. Bailey, MPH; Kenneth J. Smith, MD, MS; and Andrew J. Nowalk, MD, PhD
Inpatient Rehabilitation Utilization for Acute Stroke Under a Universal Health Insurance System
Hsuei-Chen Lee, PhD; Ku-Chou Chang, MD; Yu-Ching Huang, BS, RN; Chung-Fu Lan, DDS, DrPH; Jin-Jong Chen, MD, PhD; and Shun-Hwa Wei, PhD
Medical Care Costs Among Patients With Established Cardiovascular Disease
Gregory A. Nichols, PhD; Timothy J. Bell, MHA; Kathryn L. Pedula, MS; and Maureen O'Keeffe-Rosetti, MS
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List of Peer Reviewers (2009)

List of Peer Reviewers (2009)

Kimberly Rask, MD, PhD

Maria C. Raven, MD, MPH

Gregory Reardon, PhD, RPh

Mary Reed, DrPH

Robert J. Reid, MD, PhD

YongJoo Rhee, DrPH

Nahid J. Rianon, MD, MPH

Daniel M. Riche, PharmD

Cynthia M. Ripsin, MD

Scott W. Roberts, MD

Dylan H. Roby, PhD

Holly Rodin, PhD

Hector P. Rodriguez, PhD, MPH

Stephanie Andrea Rose, MD, MPH

Jorge Rosenthal, PhD

Meredith B. Rosenthal, PhD

Amy Perrin Ross, APN, MSN

Christianne L. Roumie, MD, MPH

Matthew D. Rousculp, PhD, MPH

Christopher L. Roy, MD

Yelena Rozenfeld, MPH

Gary Rozier, DDS

Eric M. Ruderman, MD

Randall Rupper, MD, MPH

Christopher Ruser, MD

Monika Wagner, PhD

Deborah Waldrop, PhD

Ernest E. Wang, MD

Feifei Wang, PhD

Jue Wang, MD

Katherine Ward, MD

Peggy Ward-Smith, PhD

C. Wayne Weart, PharmD

Ellen J. Weber, MD

Valerie Weber, MD

Arnold A. Wegh, MS

Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, MD

Jane A. Weintraub, DDS, MPH

Derek Weycker, PhD

Michael E. Whitcomb, MD

Robin R. Whitebird, PhD

Douglas R. Wholey, MBA, PhD

Jacob M. Willet, MPH

Vincent J. Willey, PharmD

Summer Williams, PhD

Wolfgang C. Winkelmayer, MD, ScD

Carla A. Winston, PhD

Bruce M. Wolfe, MD

Sabrina Wong, PhD, RN

Claudine Woo, PhD

LeChauncy D. Woodard, MD, MPH

Susan Swartz Woods, MD, MPH

Chuntao Wu, MD, PhD

Jia-Rong Wu, PhD, RN

Robin Yabroff, MD

Louis Yen, PhD

Jean Yoon, PhD

Mustafa Z. Younis, PhD, MBA

S. Yousuf Zafar, MD

Jean-Claude Zenklusen, MD

Judy T. Zerzan, MD, MPH

Dongmu Zhang, PhD

Yongming Zhao, PhD

Daniella Zipkin, MD

John Zweifler, MD

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