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Telehealth Intervention Improved QoL Among Head and Neck Cancer Patients

A telehealth intervention experiment in head and neck cancer patients was found to relive some posttreatment distress symptoms.
A randomized clinical trial in head or neck cancer patients evaluated the imact of telehealth intervention in reducing the symptoms of distress and on their overall quality of life (QoL), during the acute phase of their treatment.

The trial was conducted with 80 patients (45 treatment, 35 control) who had been diagnosed with head or neck cancer and were receiving 1 or more treatment modalities. 
Treatment group participants responded daily to symptom management algorithms using a simple telehealth messaging device. The authors conclude that they did observe improvement in some aspects of posttreatment QoL and symptom burden.

Read the complete paper in The Journal of Community and Supportive Oncology.

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