Feyi Olopade Ayodele Highlights How CancerIQ Helps With Genetic Testing

CancerIQ is reducing barriers that make it difficult to utilize genetic testing to predict or pre-empt a patient’s cancer diagnosis, explained Feyi Olopade Ayodele, MBA, chief executive officer at CancerIQ.

How is CancerIQ working to make genetic services more practical in predicting or preventing cancer?
So, CancerIQ is making it more practical to start predicting and pre-empting cancer by really trying to reduce some of the barriers that are really holding the industry back today. The first of those challenges is really knowledge. You know, to connect the dots on people’s family history, and their genetic testing information. Really stuff that the provider can’t do with the naked eye. So, it’s really through our software that we can automate the decisions that need to be made on the basis of that information, and make it relatively easy for the physician, who, quite frankly, didn’t study genetics when they were in medical school.

The second way that CancerIQ makes it practical for people to do this in routine care is being really mindful of the clinical workflow. Unfortunately, people are today using systems that are primarily oriented for billing and logging of information. And CancerIQ works really well with those systems in being a layer of intelligence on top of that. So, how we actually integrate into your everyday clinical workflow is really connecting to the systems that already exist but putting that layer of intelligence on top of it.
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