Joe Flower on Rethinking the Way We Address Cancer Care Delivery

Healthcare futurist Joe Flower discusses the need to look at the bigger picture when trying to change the way we deliver cancer care.

During your session, you opened up with the statement “We don’t need new sights, we need new eyes." What did you mean by that in terms of changing the way cancer care is delivered?
What I meant by we do not need new sights, we need new eyes is we have a great tendency, normal human tendency, to look at the details that are right in front of us of how we deal with this new funding challenge coming from the government or how we deal with some of the particular challenges from different payers, and such. Whereas I, as you saw from the talk, what I do is I step back and look at the larger system that your particular part of healthcare is involved in. What are the big changes that are going on there, like that really tectonic shifts, underlying the entire way healthcare is organized and financed? And when we look at that, we can see why we are facing such big questions in community cancer care.
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