Dr Sachin Jain Discusses CareMore's Community Partnerships, Internal Programs

CareMore is beginning to form innovative partnerships with companies like Lyft, while also strengthening its internal ability to provide more outreach, according to Sachin H. Jain, MD, MBA, president and CEO. Jain said that CareMore’s prepaid model allows it to fully manage every dollar it receives.
Transcript (slightly modified)
What community partnerships is CareMore developing to better care for the whole patient?
Some of it is internalized, and some of it is purchased services like transportation. We are actually the first Medicare Advantage provider in the country to partner with a ridesharing company, we partnered with Lyft around some of our transportation. A lot of it we build internally, so the loneliness program, we’ve hired a staff of 4 people to actually do this outreach work to patients to who self-identify as lonely.
I think it’s uniquely enabled by the fact that we are fully prepaid, so we receive 100% of the patient’s healthcare dollars and then need to actually manage within that. That’s through the Medicare Advantage program as well as through the Medicaid program, where we operate managed Medicaid. I think there’s an opportunity for us to do a lot more within the context of a fully prepaid system. 
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