Dr Sachin Jain Focuses on Bipartisan Healthcare Efforts, Not Policy Changes

While the political landscape is changing and new policies are being debated, lawmakers of both political parties can agree on the common goal of improving disease management for costly patients with complex health needs, according to Sachin H. Jain, MD, MBA, president and CEO of CareMore.
Transcript (slightly modified)
How will the American Health Care Act affect the patients you serve at CareMore?
I think that taking better care of high-cost, high-need patients is as bipartisan an issue as there is right now in American healthcare. I think anyone who’s spent any time in healthcare understands that we need to better manage chronic disease, we need to better manage the sickest of the sick of our patients.
In any scenario where we start to look at changing the healthcare system I think there’s going to be a focus on how to do the things that we do better and at scale, so I’m not particularly worried about the policy changes and the changing environment right now, because I think there is a bipartisan recognition that we need to do better around chronic disease management. We need to do better on managing the sickest of the sick.
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