Dr Sachin Jain on CareMore's Mission to Manage Chronic Disease From the Dentist's Chair

CareMore has launched an integrated delivery model that provides primary care to patients while at the dentist’s office, with the idea of maximizing the value of each encounter with the healthcare system, explained Sachin H. Jain, MD, MBA, president and CEO. Read more about the model here.
Transcript (slightly modified)
CareMore recently unveiled a new care model to deliver primary care to seniors from the dentist’s chair. Why was this a good fit for your patients?
We take the position that no touch with the healthcare system should ever be wasted. It turns out that seniors spend a lot of time with their dentists, so those are opportunities to actually manage patients’ chronic diseases, titrate their medications, and take better care of them than we currently take care of them.
Because we are taking advantage of these touches that they’re having with the healthcare system through their dental care providers, by using them as opportunities to optimize the management of their chronic diseases. We’re quite optimistic about the possibilities that we might be able to unlock by better integrating dental care and chronic disease management.
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