Dr Jay Edelberg Discusses Results of Alirocumab by Race and Ethnicity

Trial results have shown that alirocumab (Praluent) is safe and effective across patient populations, said Jay Edelberg, MD, PhD, vice president and head of Cardiovascular Development and Cardiovascular Affairs at Sanofi.

What are the outcomes of the safety and effectiveness of alirocumab by race and ethnicity and how do these results help clinicians?
Throughout the Praluent development program, before and after approval, we’ve seen uniform excellent efficacy and safety in all the patient populations that we’ve studied. Here, we’re talking about race and ethnicity. We’ve looked across the board, including our recent results that we unveiled with diabetes, showing the great ability of Praluent to really get patients down to their LDL target goals in a safe and effective way.

How does the combination of results on race and ethnicity and in patients with diabetes and dyslipidemia help clinicians in clinical practice?
Those results, plus all the other results that we’ve seen in the ODYSSEY program, really provide a great data set for physicians when they’re treating their patient. Knowing that if they want to get their patients down to lower LDL targets, regardless of where they want to go, that Praluent can actually provide that really robust LDL lowering in a safe and effective way, regardless of who the patients are.
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