Dr Barbara McAneny Outlines Collaboration With ASCO on COME HOME Model

The collaboration between Innovative Oncology Business Solutions and the American Society of Clinical Oncology on the COME HOME Model should help give community oncology practices a path forward to be competitive, said Barbara McAneny, MD, chief medical officer of New Mexico Oncology Hematology Consultants.

How are Innovative Oncology Business Solutions and ASCO partnered to implement the COME HOME Model?
Innovative Oncology Business Solutions was a little company that I created in order to manage the COME HOME grant. My goal with COME HOME is to give community practices a tool that they can use to prove that we can deliver high-quality, low-cost care. And that we deserve to be able to compete in this marketplace for cancer patients. I think also, by the way, that it's generalizable to anyone who is managing chronic disease that has acute exacerbations that are expensive.

So when ASCO came to us and said that they were interested in trying to find a way to expand what they've done with the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative, which has been their quality measure for a long time, and to be able to help practices all across the country do well under MACRA [Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act], the new healthcare law where we have to work toward an alternative payment model. It seemed like a really good collaboration. ASCO's goal is to help community oncology, and COME HOME's goal is to find a better way to help community oncology take care of patients and thrive in the process.

So we're very excited about working with them. With ASCO's ability to send out people to do surveys, and our ability to teach people how to use triage pathways and the other parts of COME HOME to really enhance care, I think we can really give a path forward for community practices across the country. I'm very excited about this.
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