Bo Gamble on COA's Role in 2018

Bo Gamble, director of Strategic Practice Initiatives at the Community Oncology Alliance (COA), believes that broadening communication and education is COA’s main goal in 2018. 

What do you see COA’s role being in the coming year in regard to OCM implementation?
Broaden the communication, broaden the education. Someone gave me a book recently and it’s titled The Speed of Trust and I think it’s very practical, very interesting. It talks about how we change in our society, we’re just not as trustful as we need to be.

I think we need to build the trust component in everything we do. Meaning someone called us one time an honest broker. Give it to COA, an honest broker. That’s a very high compliment, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility. We need to continue that process. Speak openly, speak honestly, do a little education, and bring people home. I've been with COA for 7 years, with a major cancer care team for 13 years, and doing cancer care for 20 years, and though we’ve been saying the same thing for 5 or 6 years, recently someone who I’ve known for a long time says, "In the sales community you have to say it 6 times before it resonates." So I’m thinking, "okay we need to say it 6 times real fast," but we have to take our time, rearrange our words, say them differently so that it makes sense and it sits with people. And they have that V8 moment like, "wow I need to," and then they’ll implement it. There will be a lot of fault starts but you have to encourage them so they can continue to move forward.
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