Dr Lucio Gordan: How Practices and Payers Work Together to Implement OCM

The implementation of the Oncology Care Model has brought profound culture changes to how oncologists take care of practices and how they operate practices, explained Lucio Gordan, MD, of Florida Cancer Specialists.

Transcript (slightly modified)
How do practices and payers work together to implement OCM?
OCM has brought a very profound change to oncology practice in the country. One hundred ninety practices are participating in OCM these days, and we have to go through culture changes as to how we take care of patients, operational changes, revenue cycle changes, communication changes as to how the operating team communicates with the providers, the physicians, nurse practitioners, etc. It has certainly been a very profound, interesting, rewarding, and with many challenges ahead still, experience for all of us at Florida Cancer Specialists. So, how we did it. Obviously, there was a process of educating the staff, educating the physicians. We are a large practice in Florida. We have about 100+ offices, almost 400 providers, so we had to do webinars to discuss oncology care model, we got physicians involved via e-mail, Q&A, all those things to make it happen. So, it was a very laborious process that continues to be active and we perfect every time.
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