Terrill Jordan Discusses Making Refinements in Year 2 of OCM

Year 2 of the Oncology Care Model (OCM) is about learning from the lessons of year 1 and extending implementation that has already been started, said Terrill Jordan, CEO of Regional Cancer Care Associates.

In terms of next steps, what does year 2 of OCM hold for you?
Year 2 is about extending the implementation that we’ve already started. So we’ve learned a lot over that year. We learned to prioritize a little bit more in terms of the data we need and how we prioritize the data as we deliver it to our clinicians. The education process, we’ve learned a little bit more about how we should structure the education process for our clinicians. So we’ve worked a lot on that. We’re looking at the workflow and how we can handle the workflow a little bit differently. We get the feedback now, the feedback loop is taking place. We’re learning what we didn’t do so well, we are learning what worked.

And our clinicians, I think, are a big change, our clinicians are engaging now in a way that they didn’t engage at the start. While they were intellectually engaged, they weren’t emotionally engaged. Now we are seeing emotional engagement. It’s that refining process that is starting to take place.
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