Terrill Jordan: Education and Data Are Key for OCM Success

Education is key to succeed in the Oncology Care Model, but presenting data in a simple format for clinicians to use is also critical, said Terrill Jordan, CEO, of Regional Cancer Care Associates.

What are some best practices for implementing OCM?
Our best practices have been the education of our clinicians. You have to consistently educate, educate, educate. We also learned that the data was important. Being able to get data and take that data and make it simple in very simple dashboards, we have clinicians who work anywhere from 12- to 15-hour days, their staff is stretch thin, they don’t a lot of time to go through lots of data, so you have to simplify it so they can spend their time focused on just what they need so they can get back to their patients.

We do find that the data is what they’re looking for. They find it enlightening, and sometimes surprising. And it’s always exciting to see how they respond to it.
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