Terrill Jordan: Year 1 Feedback on OCM

Based on CMMI's year 1 feedback on OCM, it is clear that a lot of planning is needed and education is crucial , said Terrill Jordan, CEO, of Regional Cancer Care Associates.

Transcript (slightly modified)

What are some insights that you have drawn from the year I feedback from CMMI on OCM?

It’s a lot of work; that’s the main thing we’ve learned. There’s a lot of organization that goes into this; you have a lot of planning. Given when it started, and the amount of time we had to get everything in place, we found that we couldn’t do enough panning. So that was the main thing. The other is education. You have to educate, educate, educate. So our team is focused on how do we educate our clinicians, how do we educate their staff, how do we educate even our own team about what these programs are about and how you implement them. It’s a complete change in how you practice.
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