Dr Basit Chaudhry: Feedback Provides Potential Changes for the OCM

Basit Chaudhry, MD, PhD, founder of Tuple Health, discussed the feedback he's heard from practices about the Oncology Care Model and how these opinions could be used to guide potential changes.

Transcript (slightly modified)
Based on feedback from participating practices, are there changes you think should be made to the Oncology Care Model?
Yes, I think one of the areas where we’ve gotten a lot of feedback on is data reporting requirements on both the quality measures and the clinical measures. I think it’s a fundamentally important idea in measuring quality and also the clinical data, this makes sense, but I think the burden has been significant for practices.
Medicare’s tried to improve that, particularly changing the timelines for reporting requirements, but I think moving that forward would be important, particularly prioritizing which kind of data is really going to be the key to moving value-based payment forward in oncology. I think it would reduce the kind of challenges that participants are facing.
A second area would be to continue to evolve and improve the risk adjustment model and the prediction model in OCM, to make sure that’s clinically informed as possible and really reflects the complexity of the different patients that practices take care of, I think is very important.
I think a third thing we’ve heard about quite often is just complexities that are arising around model overlap between OCM and other payment models that Medicare is putting into place, particularly around MACRA and MIPS.
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