Katie Goodman on the Importance of Informing Patients of Clinical Trials

Clinical trials should be a part of the conversation early and throughout the cancer journey, explained Katie Goodman, RN, BSN, CCRP, director of clinical research, Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute.

How important is it to inform patients of the availability of clinical trials following their diagnosis?
I think it’s important for patients to be thinking about clinical trials throughout their cancer journey. So, not just when, perhaps, they have run out of other options and are turning to a clinical trial as a last resort. It’s important that clinical trials are part of the conversation early and throughout the time that they’re dealing with this disease.

Have you found that there are a lot of misconceptions that patients have regarding clinical trials?
Patients have lots of questions, and so most community oncology practices who participate in clinical trials have staff that are trained to answer those questions who can speak to things like what is covered by the clinical trial sponsor versus what gets charged to their insurance and/or Medicare. So, it’s important to ask those questions. Every trial is a little different. Some of the, might cover more than others, so it really depends on the disease that’s being investigated and the therapy itself that’s under investigation.
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