Dr Jeanette Stingone on Environmental Factors That Impact Public Health

There are a number of environmental factors with significant public health impacts that people don't necessarily think of; for instance, products out in the market haven't necesarily been tested for safety, which comsumers should keep in mind, explained Jeanette Stingone, PhD, of Mount Sinai Health System.

Transcript (slightly modified)
Other than air pollution, what other environmental factors have significant public health impacts that you are most concerned with?
There’s everything from pesticides to what’s in our personal care products. It’s hard to isolate just one, I think what’s more important for people to be aware of is that I think there’s this thought or misconception that what’s out in the marketplace has been tested for safety and that’s simply just isn’t true. So, the burden is on us, the consumer, to really think about what we are using. Particularly for pregnancy, for around children and the elderly—vulnerable populations. So, I tell people that when you’re going to grab that can of bug spray, think about it and maybe you need to look at integrated pest management and other sources to live our everyday lives. But again, the burden is really on the consumer to educate themselves.
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