Dr Katherine Schneider Highlights How Proposed MSSP Changes Build Stability Into Program

The proposed changes to the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) acknowledge the complexity of the program and bring more predictability and stability to MSSP, according to Katherine Schneider, MD, MPhil, FAAFP, president and CEO of Delaware Valley ACO.

What is the greatest opportunity you see as part of CMS’ proposed changes to the MSSP?
This is a young program. It’s a very complex program, and, so, the MSSP proposed rule changes, I think some of the good things in them is that they’ve recognize that and they’re really trying to build a little bit more predictability and stability into the program.

So, changing to the 5-year contracts. They’re trying to give us more tools, particularly, as you get into the downside risk. The ability to accurately capture your risk score, the severity of illness of your population, which is something that, for example the Medicare Advantage, plans have much more latitude to do.

So, those kinds of things—stability and more tools—are critical, particularly if you’re going to be moving into risk.
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