Dr Ron Kline on Commercial Payer Experience With OCM

Sharing data and a collaborative relationship are 2 best practices from commercial payers participating in the Oncology Care Model, according to Ron Kline, MD, FAAP, of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.

What is the emerging experience with Oncology Care Models (OCM) for commercial payers?
Well, we have 14 commercial payers that are a part of OCM. They follow basic guidelines, which is a care management fee and a value-based payment system. I think they are learning in their interactions with practices. You heard people say this morning that really making it more of a collaborative relationship rather than a conflict relationship is better. I think that practices have discovered, the commercial payers have discovered, that sharing data with our practices is very important because if you don’t have information you can’t improve your practice. I think that is what’s occurring and I think their experience with OCM or OCM-like programs have been positive.
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