Michele McCourt Outlines Financial Burdens Related to Cancer Treatment

There are financial burdens related to cancer treatment other than the cost of medication, but patients don't always realize that when they are first diagnosed, explained Michele McCourt, senior director of the CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation.

Do patients realize that financial burdens related to their treatment go beyond just the cost of medications?
No, they don’t. First of all, when they are diagnosed, I think they’re just overwhelmed. They are looking for information about the treatment. That is the first priority is what can we do and they want to do what needs be done so they can be there for their families. It is typically hitting a lot of elderly people, those are certain diagnoses. There are still certain cancers that treat people who are young adults. People that are working, or just starting out with families.

I think, initially, it is "what can I do to get better?" Then, as they start to go for treatment and start to realize if they meet with a social worker or a financial counselor at the treatment centers that they’re going to, they start to see what other resources are available for them and realize that there are other needs they have that they didn’t think went along with treatment.
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