Dr Jason Mitchell Details the Importance of Data in Value-Based Care

Data is critical to all value-based care, said Jason Mitchell, MD, chief medical and clinical transformation officer, Presbyterian Healthcare Services.

How important is the availability of data analytics to be able to compare how a provider or health system compares with others and to learn best practices?
Data is critical to all value-based care. If you can’t know what your outcomes are, then you can’t test, and if you can’t test, you can’t improve. So, you have to have core data to do that work. I think it’s important to remember that all data is wrong. As you engage with clinicians, really showing them here’s what we see in the data, what does it mean to you, and you glean a lot more information from it and iterate on it. I think without the data, how do you know that you’re improving? How do you know what your baseline is? And, how do you know where you have variation? So, we’ve got to have the data.

I think what’s new in thinking is that the data’s no longer your clinical data. You have to think about your pharmacy data, your fill data for pharmacy. You have to think about social determinants, and there’s so much data on those aspects that you can combine those together in a way to give you new insights. 
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