Dr Jason Mitchell: Think Beyond a Patient's Disease Process

You have to think beyond a patient's disease process and think about how they engage with the healthcare system, explained Jason Mitchell, MD, chief medical and clinical transformation officer, Presbyterian Healthcare Services.

In a fully transitioned value-based care landscape, what are things the healthcare system would be focused on or paying attention to that it isn’t right now?
When you think about really dropping the total cost of care and providing the best healthcare to the people you’re caring for, you’ve got to think of them when they’re not in your hospitals and not in your clinics. What’s going on in their home? What’s going on in their community? What’s your employment look like? Education? Those type of things. I think it really is getting back to those social determinants, getting back to the health of the community, and really thinking about those things as an organization and invest into those things as an organization. I think that’s a lot of the pieces that get left behind, historically.

I think you also have to think beyond someone’s disease process. You have to think about how people engage in healthcare and what their behaviors are so that you can do interventions to help with those types of behaviors and meet their needs. It’s no longer a once-size-fits-all but it’s really how do you give individualized care to an entire population?
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