Dr Anthony Slonim Highlights the Benefits of AJMC's ACO Coalition

Given the diverse stakeholders in attendance, the hallway conversations at The American Journal of Managed Care's ACO and Emerging Healthcare Delivery Coalition Spring 2015 meeting in San Diego, California, were just as interesting as the sessions, according to Anthony D. Slonim, MD, DrPH, president and chief executive officer for Renown Health, and co-chair of Coalition.

At the third live ACO Coalition event, there was more focus on disease-specific focus areas, he said, and this is incredibly important as the healthcare industry segments the population.

"I found that the AJMC Coalition has been a great opportunity for me to network professionally, and learn from other people who are doing the same kinds of work that I am," Dr Slonim said.

Learn more about the ACO Coalition and find out how to join and attend future events: click here.
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