Dr Blase Polite on the State of the OCM

Blase Polite, MD, associate professor of medicine and the executive director for accountable care at the University of Chicago, discusses why he chose to focus on the state of the Oncology Care Model at the April 25 meeting of the Institute for Value-Based Medicine.


Why did you want to focus on the state of the [Oncology Care Model] OCM at this meeting of the Institute for Value-Based Medicine?

Well, I think we’re at an inflection point or a crossroads in the OCM right now. We know that Medicare and [the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation] CMMI are looking to develop the next model–what they’re I think calling OCM Plus–and I think this is an important time that those of us in the community who have had experience with the OCM and have been thinking about this for the past several years really have to start putting in our input into what we think has worked, and what we think has not worked with the OCM. So, I was hoping to bring some people who I believe are thought leaders, both within understanding the OCM, individuals who are thinking about different models that we think accomplish the same mission that CMS is trying to do, and I think some very forward thinking private payers who are beginning to look at how you get to value-based care in the oncology space. So, I was hoping that from this we’ll generate some ideas that eventually the CMS folks will listen to as they put together the next version of the model.
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