Dr Kate Goodrich Discusses Future of CMS Core Measures

CMS must learn from implementation of new quality measure sets as it refines and expands the Core Quality Measure Collaborative, Kate Goodrich, MD, director of the Quality Measurement and Value-Based Incentives Group in CMS.

Transcript (slightly modified)
What is next for the Core Quality Measure Collaborative to continue the transition to value-based payments?
So we put out seven core sets earlier this year, we’re really excited about that, but we really see that as the very first step. This work is nowhere near done, even with those seven sets. Those seven sets of measures were based upon existing quality measures. There’s ongoing measure development and as new measures come along in the primary care space, oncology, cardiology, which are three of the seven core sets, we’ll need to take a look at those and see if they’re better measures than the ones that are in there now. So there’s going to be an ongoing iterative process with the existing seven sets, to further refine them as we learn from implementation.

As we implement these seven core sets, us at CMS through the Medicare program but also the commercial payers, we know from experience that there’s always unintended consequences, both good and bad, that happen whenever you’re implementing something new. So we need to be monitoring how this implementation goes, what worked well, what didn’t, and then mid-course correct when we find what didn’t go well.

So I think for the Core Measures Collaborative, a couple of things. We’re going to be monitoring how this goes, we’re going to be refining the sets that we already have, and we’re probably going to be delving into some new topic areas. For example, there’s actually a work group right now working on alignment of pediatric core measures, so we’re really excited about that; hopefully that can be announced relatively soon. We’ve been approached by a number of specialty societies that are very interested in us taking on topics within their area of specialty. So we have to determine what those will be, we haven’t decided that yet, but we will undoubtedly also be taking on new topics soon.
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