Dr Roy Beveridge Discusses Humana's Efforts to Include Perspective of Patient and Provider

The main focus of Humana’s business activities is to provide a better experience for patients and physicians, according to Roy Beveridge, MD, chief medical officer of Humana. This patient-centered approach is informed by his work as a practicing oncologist, where he learned to think about clinical programs from the perspective of the patient.

Transcript (slightly modified)
How is Humana working to develop its clinical strategy around the patient?
About 4 years ago, Humana started down a new path, and the path was to transform itself from being a traditional insurance company to one that was focused on its customers. The 2 customers were the member or the patient, and the physician. And from that point, every part of the business and every part of the discussion in terms of how we do things goes through the patient or the physician lens.
When you start doing that, you start simplifying the experience, you start making things easier, and you begin to take what’s important to the patient or to the doctor as what the day’s activity should be.

How has your experience as a practicing oncologist shaped your work with Humana?
Humana is a company which works primarily with patients who are in Medicare Advantage. Our average patient age is in mid-70s, with multiple comorbidities. My experience as a physician has really allowed me to think about how we bring all these clinical programs and help these patients who are older and tend to be less well-to-do, and do it from their perspective.
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