Dr Stella Safo: HIV Care Has Always Been Willing to Think Outside the Box

While the health system transitions to value-based care, it can learn a lot of lessons from HIV care delivery, said Stella A. Safo, MD, assistant professor of Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

In the shift to value-based care, what lessons can be learned from HIV care delivery?
HIV care delivery is a really special place that has a lot of the solutions that we’re all thinking of as we think about the way we want to deliver care in this new system that’s based predominantly on value-base payment structures. Everything from team-based care to engaging the patients in non-traditional settings. A lot of HIV care would go meet HIV patients where they were, on the street, in their home, and also things like non-traditional financial models. When we would get a pocket of money in our HIV clinics, we would use it for not just classic clinical things like paying for a MA [medical assistant], but we would also think maybe we pay our patients to be able to take care of their health. I think HIV care has always been willing to think outside the box, and I hope we can use some of those lessons in some of the work we’re doing in population health.
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