Robin Shah Discusses Utilization of Software Solutions Data to Improve All OneOncology Practices

Utilizing data, that we have generated from software solutions in our partnerships or use, will allow OneOncology to pair each practice center with effective technology, said Robin Shah, chief commercial officer of OneOncology.

How is OneOncology helping community practices keep up with the pace of new technology?

At OneOncology, what we’ve built is a technology steering committee. With all of our practices adopting so many new things in their practice, what we want to do is build a platform where we’re all using the same system. So, now before implementing any technology solution within a OneOncology practice, we go through a product vetting process. We look at a number of key parameters on how that’s going to help all of our practices, not just 1, and then we build a team around deploying that software and then making sure that we can make that software effective for every practice center that comes onto it.

In what ways is the network leveraging data analytics in its practices?

So, at OneOncology, for every software solution that we’re partnering or using, there’s a wealth of data that’s being generated from that technology. We’re taking all of that data into our own data lake, called OneAnalytics. With OneAnalytics, we’re building software and solutions on top of it, so that we can leverage that data to learn best practices across 3 major areas: operational efficiency, financial, as well as, clinical and outcomes.
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