Examining Physician-Initiated Alternative Payment Models, a New Wave of Payment Reform

To date, most alternative payment models (APMs) that have emerged in the shift toward value-based care have been initiated by payers and focused on primary care providers. However, there has recently been a new wave of payment reform in which providers, mostly specialists, are designing and implementing their own APMs in their practices. They’re doing this through the Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee, or PTAC, which was created by the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015.

A study published in the September issue of The American Journal of Managed Care® analyzed some of these new payment models to gain insight into what providers are prioritizing in their APMs. To get more insight into the study and its findings, we spoke with study author Suhas Gondi, BA, of Harvard Medical School.

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Physician-Initiated Payment Reform: A New Path Toward Value
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