Podcast: This Week in Managed Care—CMS Rule Could Cause Confusion and Other Health News

Every week, The American Journal of Managed Care® recaps the top managed care news of the week, and you can now listen to it on our podcast, Managed Care Cast.

This week, the top managed care news included a new proposal from CMS that insurers warn will cause confusion; a new review examines the prevalence and cost of chronic conditions in Medicaid; and a study finds 42% of all new US cancer cases in 2014 were due to potentially modifiable exposures.

Read more about the stories in this podcast:
Health Insurers to CMS: Your Changes Will Confuse Consumers, Hurt Markets
Identifying the Most Prevalent and Costly Chronic Conditions in Medicaid
Leading Diabetes Groups Publish Consensus Statement on "Beyond A1C" Measures to Guide FDA, Researchers
Significant Amount of Cancer Cases Attributable to Potentially Modifiable Risk Factors
Impact of Health Reform on Young Adult Prescription Medication Utilization

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