Podcast: This Week in Managed Care—Cancer Survival Rates and Other Health News

Every week, The American Journal of Managed Care® recaps the top managed care news of the week, and you can now listen to it on our podcast, Managed Care Cast.

This week, the top managedcare stories included Indiana being approved as the second state to implement work requirements in Medicaid; research found 5-year survival rates for cancer are increasing; coverage from the American Society of Clinical Oncology's 2018 Genitourinary Symposium.

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Indiana Joins Kentucky as Second State With Medicaid Work Requirements
What We're Reading: Flu Vaccine Protection; Ind. Drops Medicaid Enrollees; Global Outbreak Prevention
What We're Reading: Adherence Pilot; Va. Work Requirement; Disease Linked to Flint Water
5-Year Survival Rates for Patients With Cancer Worldwide
Cancer Mortality Statistics and Disparities in the US: Dr Patricia Salber Interviews Dr Otis Brawley
Risk-Sharing Contracts Can Potentially Decrease Drug Prices
Genitourinary Cancers Symposium
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