Healthcare: Cheaper, Better, and Easier to Access

Deneen Vojta, MD

Deneen Vojta, MD, says cheaper, better, more accessible healthcare is something we all want. Big data, value-based insurance design, and value-based contacting are all factors that might help the industry get there.

“We put out The United States of Diabetes in 2010. It articulated that over the next decade it would be a 3.4 trillion dollar issue to this nation between prediabetes and diabetes”, said Dr Vojta. “That number would do a lot to reduce the healthcare deficit if we attacked it, but it has to be coordinated, and we all have to be on the same page and nobody is."

Dr Vojta also notes the success UnitedHealth Group had in spreading education about diabetes when they aired public service announcements to consumers about diabetes prevention and management.

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