CancerCare Report Highlights Patient Struggles - Emotional, Financial, and Communication

Surabhi Dangi-Garimella, PhD

CancerCare, an organization that provides information and support services to cancer patients, has commissioned a report that presents the physical, financial, practical, and informational needs of more than 3000 cancer patients. The 2016 Patient Access and Engagement Report has tried to reflect barriers for patient access to care, as well as communication gaps with care providers, both of which have a significant impact on patient outcomes.
The advisory board that helped develop the report included healthcare providers and leaders within CancerCare. Patients who participated in the survey represented diverse ethnicity, income, education, geography, age, insurance, cancer type, and treatment stage. The following are some of the findings of the study:
Understanding Diagnosis Treatment Planning Communication With Care Team Financial and Insurance Issues Symptoms, Side Effects, and Quality of Life Survivorship “Cancer takes its toll in many ways, some of which last for years and cause debilitating distress for patients and families,” Patricia J. Goldsmith, CEO of CancerCare, said in a statement. “This report, reflecting the input of thousands of patients, sheds light on the important issues affecting patients’ lives during and beyond a cancer diagnosis.”
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