Integrated Health Benefits Plans Gaining Attention

Laura Joszt

Employers and employees are seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to integrated health benefits. Not only do employees see how an integrated benefits plan can improve quality of care and health, but employers see how it makes good business sense, according to a WellPoint survey. Employers who offer integrated healthcare benefits plans are simplifying administrative paperwork, and saving costs and time.
Offering a benefits plan connecting dental, vision, life, disability, and pharmacy benefits to a health plan is a growing trend. The survey found that 93% of employers believe coordinated care results in higher quality of care and 73% of employees think they would be healthier with multiple benefits offered by 1 insurer on 1 plan instead of on multiple plans.
“We surveyed employers and employees on what they want in their health plans, and both overwhelmingly agreed with the advantages of integrating benefits,” Jeff Spahr, vice president of WellPoint’s Specialty businesses, said in a statement. “It was also refreshing to see people intuitively understand the connection between their eyes, teeth and overall health, so sharing information across plans and with doctors leads to employees receiving a better quality of care.”
WellPoint’s survey included responses from more than 400 interviews conducted with employers with more than 100 employees who are involved in health decisions and currently offer health insurance, as well as more than 400 full-time employees who are currently enrolled in health insurance at their companies.
According to WellPoint, coordinated care through an integrated health benefits plan means more frequent contact and a better understanding of the employee’s healthcare needs. Plus, physicians can gain easier access to information from other providers caring for the employee.
“Offering employees integrated healthcare benefit plans makes good business sense for employers and can help improve the quality of care for employees,” Spahr said.

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