Report Analyzes Pipeline of Drugs for Treating Chemotherapy-Related Toxicities

Alison Rodriguez

A recent report, “Toxicology Cluster Chemotherapy Related Toxicity Drug Development Pipeline Review, 2017,” presents a summary of drugs in development to treat chemotherapy-related toxicity, analyzes the companies and institutions that operate in this market, and determines the pipeline composition based on molecular target, type, and action.

The report, recently published by GBI Research, analyzes the key players involved in therapeutic developments for treating symptoms of toxicity associated with chemotherapy, including neutropenia, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, and chemotherapy-induced anemia. 

The report acknowledges the poor quality of life that results from these side effects of chemotherapy treatment for cancer. For instance, anemia induced by chemotherapy can result in symptoms like fatigue, weakness, and cognitive impairment, while neutropenia can increase the risk of severe infections.

The analysis is intended as a business document for value chain stakeholders like pharmaceutical manufacturers, research institutions, hospitals and clinics, and contract manufacturers. 

The pipeline sizes considered in the report range from 16 in chemotherapy-induced anemia to 41 in neutropenia and peripheral neuropathy. The report also explores some dormant and discontinued projects and their potential implications for the toxicity drug development market. The molecular targets, most frequently neurotransmitter receptors, are also studied for each therapeutic side effect.

“The report detects the companies that are most active in the pipeline for toxicology therapeutics [and] finds the most prominent pharmaceutical approaches at each stage of the pipeline and indication,” the report concludes. It also mentions that it had analyzed “the role of universities and research institutes in these pipelines in comparison to pharmaceutical companies.”
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