What We're Reading: CBO to Issue Single-Payer Report; Judge Blocks Title X Cut; USC Fellowship Loses Accreditation

AJMC Staff

CBO to Release Single-Payer Report Next Week

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is scheduled to release a report on single-payer healthcare next Wednesday, The Hill reported. The report will not be a formal score, meaning it may not include a specific cost estimate of Medicare for All. Instead, the report is a response to House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth, D-Kentucky, who asked the CBO for a report on “design considerations” around single-payer healthcare. In addition, on Tuesday, the House Rules Committee will hold a hearing on Medicare for All.

Federal Judge Blocks Trump Administration From Implementing Title X Cuts

A federal judge in Washington state blocked a Trump administration rule that was set to take effect May 3 and would have stripped Title X funding from providers who refer patients for abortions even if they ask for such a referral—a provision critics call a “gag rule.” Politico reported that US District Court Judge Stanley Bastian, an Obama appointee, issued a nationwide injunction staying the changes while several other legal challenges proceed. The Title X rule would have the effect of excluding Planned Parenthood, which currently serves about 40% of all Title X patients nationwide, while funding conservative groups.

USC Loses National Accreditation for Cardiovascular Program

The University of Southern California (USC) is losing national accreditation for a joint-run fellowship in cardiovascular disease, run with Los Angeles County, after being dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education gave no public reason for its decision, which is final and would effectively shut down the program, The Los Angeles Times reported. However, the paper previously reported on a 2017 lawsuit from a female resident who said that she was sexually assaulted and alleged that officials never took her complaints seriously; 2 other women followed with complaints against the same physician. USC said it hoped to have a new cardiology fellowship program in place before the current one closes in June 2020.
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