What We're Reading: Democrats Split Over Single Payer; Generic Drug Probe; Virginia Work Requirements

AJMC Staff

Democratic Unity Coming Apart Over Single-Payer Healthcare

Battle lines are being drawn between establishment Democrats and progressive liberals in Congress over the idea of single-payer healthcare. The partnership that helped Democrats save the Affordable Care Act a year ago is falling apart, Politico reported. Hospital associations, insurance groups, and other lobbies have teamed up to stop the idea of expanding Medicare for All, favored by progressives. The dispute could come into full view when Democrats take over the House of Representatives in January.

Generic Drug Companies Probed for Price Fixing in Wide-Ranging Investigation

An antitrust lawsuit filed in 2016 by states over 2 generic drugs has expanded into an investigation of alleged price-fixing involving at least 16 companies and 300 drugs, The Washington Post reported. Executives at generic drug companies had their own shorthand to describe how they divvied up the market and set prices, according to the investigation. In one example, prices for albuterol soared more than 3400%.

HHS Considering Virginia's Work Requirement Proposal for Medicaid Expansion

HHS will consider whether to approve work requirements for Medicaid expansion in Virginia, The Hill reported. Expanding Medicaid was a top goal of Democratic Governor Ralph Northam, but Republicans agreed to support the expansion only if it came with work requirements. The proposal would be phased in, with some adults required to work 20 hours per month, increasing to 80 hours per month after 1 year, with some exceptions. As with other states, failure to comply would result in a loss of health coverage.
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