Payer Perspective of Dementia and DRP

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Key opinion leaders explore the clinical and economic burden of dementia-related psychosis and the unmet medical need.

Kevin U. Stephens, Sr, JD, MD, discusses the prevalence of dementia in the commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare populations of his health plan, as well as payer concerns for Medicaid and Medicare members with dementia and their caregivers. Then, Dr Stephens discusses concerns for members with dementia-related psychosis and the current treatment options and reviews the impact of untreated dementia-related psychosis on patients and their caregivers from a payer perspective. Finally, a discussion of the economic and healthcare resource utilization burden associated with dementia-related psychosis.

The speakers are paid consultants on behalf of Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc. This is a disease-awareness, non-CME program sponsored by Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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