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As HIV-infected adults live longer, they are increasingly susceptible to specific cancer types. This calls for targeted cancer prevention efforts in this population.
The research raises questions whether Medicare Advantage plans are the solution to controlling spending on the patients who account for most healthcare costs.
The recent overview of obesity from the Trust for America's Health revealed extremely high percentages of Native Americans are overweight and obese, especially in states where they live in remote locations.
A multistakeholder approach to patient assistance programs was the topic of discussion at ACCC's first annual ICLIO meeting in Philadelphia.
Despite safeguards, opponents of the California law say it will invite abuse of the poor who suffer chronic conditions and face steep medical costs.
Coverage expansions resulting from the Affordable Care Act have not had a negative financial effect on medical practices. Instead, primary care physicians reported increased collections and decreased visit volume, according to athenahealth
An initiative by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to implement integrated, value-based care on a wide scale has run into criticism from legislators who say it will bring financial harm to some safety net hospitals. A Senate hearing today concluded with a call for an investigation from the Attorney General into how the alliance was created.
Julie Slezak Reflects on <i>AJMC</i>'s Influence in the Field of Managed Care
The American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) is the first and greatest source of managed care information and research, said Julie Slezak, MS, chief analytics officer at CareCore National and an editorial board member for AJMC.

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End-of-life care for adolescents and young adults requires an approach that addresses the unique developmental and spiritual issues seen in that population.
A discussion on the challenges of implementing standards for addressing fertility risks associated with cancer and its treatment and describes an interactive training for healthcare providers to help them overcome challenges to implementation.
Suggestions on how to approach a childhood cancer survivor in your practice, several useful resources, and information on what referrals and tests may be indicated.
During the early years of the “meaningful use” program, surveys found decreases in both optimism and concerns about electronic health records.
Patient-reported outcomes, through the use of new technological advances, can be successfully integrated into routine orthopedic practice and shared across distinct institutions.
This study tests the impact on blood pressure control of a reward that lowered co-payments for blood pressure medication to $0.
This study extends value-based insurance design concepts in testing the impact on blood pressure control of rewards that provided negative co-payments for blood pressure medication.
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