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Hospital readmissions are a key quality indicator, and reducing those means learning which at-risk patients return for care. A study in The American Journal of Managed Care examined children with type 1 diabetes enrolled in Managed and Traditional Medicaid programs across 25 states, who are more likely to have incidents of diabetic ketoacidosis, a costly cause of readmission.
The growth of clinical pathways in cancer care brings opportunities to improve quality and control cost, but there are frustrations, too. Physicians want to retain some freedom and are pushing back against the administrative jungle from multiple payers, according to a special issue of Evidence-Based Oncology, a publication of The American Journal of Managed Care.
In preparation for the Spring Live Meeting of the ACO & Emerging Healthcare Delivery Coalition, 2 speakers who will be at the meeting will participate in 2 30-minute tweetchats.
With the news that Medicare will soon pay for diabetes prevention, the 2016 edition of Patient-Centered Diabetes Care, presented by The American Journal of Managed Care, offered up-to-the-minute news on how technology will change the prevention and clinical care models, why ending stigma is key to treating obesity, and what’s ahead in insulin therapy.
Quantifying progress in diabetes management, by measuring blood pressure, A1C, and cholesterol, laid the foundation of healthcare’s movement from fee-for-service toward payment for value. Today, diabetes metrics are entering a more patient-centered era, as discussed in the new issue of Evidence-Based Diabetes Management from The American Journal of Managed Care.
On Tuesday, March 22, 1-2 pm ET, The American Journal of Managed Care will host a tweetchat with Joslin Diabetes Center to discuss diabetes management and the current status of diabetes performance measures.
With the movement toward rewarding doctors based on how well they deliver care comes the question: how to adjust for the different patients doctors see? Authors writing in The American Journal of Managed Care reviewed 13 different studies and made a startling finding—most factors we assume merit adjustments in diabetes care do not, based on evidence thus far.
Ted Okon, MBA, of the Community Oncology Alliance, will participate in a tweetchat with The American Journal of Managed Care on February 29, 1-2 pm ET, to discuss the 340B program, payment reform, the Oncology Medical Home, and more.
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