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Healthcare as we have known it doesn’t work cooperatively, which is one reason it costs way too much, according to Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP, president emeritus and senior fellow of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and co-originator of the term the Triple Aim. Berwick spoke with The American Journal of Managed Care as it publishes reports on Aligning Forces for Quality, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
In 2006, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation launched Aligning Forces for Quality, which sought to improve the quality of healthcare using a regional approach. Findings on this massive undertaking, introduced by Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP, former CMS administrator, reaffirm both the importance and challenge of implementing healthcare reform.
As the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers leave more therapies off formularies, some ask: are patients harmed? A new review in The American Journal of Managed Care, covering 26 studies about drug exclusions, found that most policies saved money without fallout for patients—but there were some exceptions.
Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, who served as FDA Commissioner and CMS Administrator, will be the keynote speaker at the fall meeting of the ACO & Emerging Healthcare Delivery Coalition, presented by The American Journal of Managed Care. The meeting will be October 20-21, 2016, in Philadelphia.
Point of care medication delivery also led to improved levels of patient satisfaction, according to the study from The University of Miami.
The American Journal of Managed Care’s annual issue on health information technology, which appears each December, has become one of the most anticipated publications of the year. Submissions for this year’s issue, being edited by Joshua R. Vest, PhD, MPH, are due August 1, 2016.
In the most recent Web-based session of The American Journal of Managed Care’s ACO & Emerging Healthcare Delivery Coalition, speakers examined 3 practice transformation models.
What is the best way to measure quality care in cancer? As explored in the current issue of Evidence-Based Oncology, it depends on who you ask, and which tools are used to evaluate care.
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