Caregivers’ presence during patient recruitment is associated with a greater rate of completion of a post hospital transitional care coaching intervention, particularly among men.
The Health Plan Tobacco Cessation Index—based on the 5C paradigm of Foldes & Manley—is introduced through a survey of New York plans.
We implemented and evaluated a collaborative therapy review process aimed at optimizing heart failure therapy among patients managed by their primary care providers.
A technology-based, pharmacist-run home blood pressure monitoring program improves health outcomes by investing $20.50 per mm Hg systolic blood pressure lowered and $3300 per life-year gained.
The authors used a modified Delphi process involving primary care providers and gastroenterologists to identify safe patient discharges from gastroenterology clinics to primary care.
Nationally representative data show that outpatient office visits to both primary care physicians and specialists grew longer over the period from 1993 to 2010.
Quality of care varies according to the compensation methods used in primary care, but the relationship between compensation methods and preventable hospital admissions is inconsistent.
A hospital-based transitional care program for patients with heart failure or pulmonary disease failed to reduce 30- or 90-day readmissions or emergency department visits.

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