Greater geographic variation was found among private than public payers in the inpatient price per discharge for most hospital services.
People with asthma face substantial out-of-pocket costs—even when they take medications to manage their illness. However, many choose to continue treatment despite these costs.
Benefits of a patient-centered multimorbidity care management program occurred early, and were evident only among patients with depression and unfavorable medical control of diabetes and heart disease.
This observational study shows that clinical work performed by family physicians correlates poorly with common codes and fees under the existing coding and billing rules.
Medicare Advantage enrollment decreases with lower rebates for supplemental benefits. Upcoming ACA reforms are predicted to reduce MA enrollment where traditional Medicare costs are low.
Prescription drug brand names no longer function as trademarks. They have become the common names of generic versions of the medicine.
Users’ acceptance of electronic health record-based asynchronous alerts can negatively impact provider satisfaction, intentions to quit, and ultimately turnover.
This study examined the costs of nurse-initiated or automated follow-up processes for patients seen in ambulatory care settings

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