An original emergency department patient survey, insurance claims data, and administrative records are used to examine the characteristics of nonurgent users.
Quality benefits were equal across racial/ethnic groups with equal personal health record (PHR) use, but nonwhite status and a preference for Spanish language predicted lower PHR registration.
A systematic review of presenteeism instruments found that most have been validated to some extent, but evidence for criterion validity is virtually absent.
Using an ICD-9-CM code algorithm, the authors effectively identified potentially difficult-to-reach populations for a hypertension clinical trial.
This article identifies patient-, provider-, and system-level factors associated with the problem of self-monitoring blood glucose without use of the results.
Safety net hospitals reduce emergency surgeries among Medicaid and uninsured patients, and provide a benefit to these populations relative to other providers.
Data suggest that behavioral health providers and services must be included as core components of accountable care organizations to achieve desired health and cost outcomes.
The authors identify a 4-step plan to accelerate the spread of evidence-based practices.

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