The American Journal of Managed Care
Innovations are powering the evolution of patient-centered care, and health plans are at the center of this innovation story.
Nonwhite race, smoking, and increasing body mass index were associated with the lowest adherence trajectories for patients with heart failure, with adherence dropping off within the first year.
Within an integrated healthcare setting, temporal trends demonstrate reductions in mortality risk after hip fracture in older women, with mortality risk lower for Asians and Hispanics.
There were no significant differences in the risk of ambulatory care–sensitive condition hospitalization or mortality between patients who initiated analogue insulin compared with the neutral protamine Hagedorn.
This article describes the formation, operation, and strategy for sustaining an independent national claims database that is available to the entire healthcare sector, including researchers.
Healthcare utilization and costs increased in the 6 months after patients started opioid therapy for chronic pain; they then decreased but never reverted to baseline levels.
No national studies have examined the interaction effect of the electronic health record (EHR) and hospitalist care on length of stay (LOS). Thus, we examine the combined effect of the EHR and hospitalist care on LOS.
The cost of care for patients receiving chemotherapy in community oncology clinics is lower than for comparable patients receiving chemotherapy in the hospital outpatient setting.

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