The study from King's College of London is the latest to sound the alarm about rising incidence of type 2 diabetes among youth.
A study evaluating a patient-reported outcomes measure tool in patients who had undergone colorectal surgery recommends using the tool for preoperative counseling prior to surgery.
The FDA announced yesterday it had issued warning letters to 14 companies peddling a total of over 65 products falsely claiming to cure or treat cancer. The agency’s forceful stance seemed intended to raise awareness among vulnerable consumers as well as discourage other potential instances of fraud.
In a case that serves as a cautionary tale of the consequences of lax health data security, HHS announced that wireless health services provider CardioNet has agreed to pay $2.5 million after its insufficient data protection led to personal health information being stolen.
Will bundled payments be implemented quickly or slowly? Will they be voluntary or mandatory? There's disagreement about what the ongoing movement toward accountable care should look like.
The suit comes after Mylan has already faced hearing in Congress and investigations from the US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.
The compromise to align interests of the conservative Freedom Caucus and the moderate Tuesday Group would give governors and state legislatures the final say on whether to remove essential health benefits or create a high-risk pool for those with expensive chronic conditions.
Dr Shaji Kumar Discusses Biological Foundations of New Multiple Myeloma Research
By understanding the biology of myeloma tumor cells, researchers can better develop therapies, including drug combinations, that target the complex mechanisms at play in the disease, according to Shaji Kumar, MD, professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic.
Dr Doug Hillblom Expects Evolution of E-Prescribing to Continue
As the use of e-prescribing expands, it will begin to encompass more than just writing an initial prescription to include many interactions between healthcare providers, according to Doug Hillblom, PharmD, president at Arena Healthcare, LLC.
Dr Matthew Gubens: Multidisciplinary Approach Can Help Oncologists Tackle Immunotherapy Toxicities
When employing immunotherapies, oncologists must be vigilant in spotting any adverse events and calling in their colleagues, like dermatologists or pulmonologists, to help manage these toxicities, according to Matthew Gubens, MD, MS, assistant clinical professor of thoracic oncology at the University of California, San Francisco.
Dr Matthew Pickering Discusses Development, Implementation of Quality Measures
The Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) heavily relies on member organizations throughout the development and implementation of new quality measures, explained Matthew Pickering, PharmD, RPh, associate director of research and quality strategies at PQA.
Experts to Discuss Best Practices and Strategies for Healthcare Delivery Models
The advance of CAR-T technology and the rise of immuno-oncology alongside emerging new payment models highlight the annual review in Evidence-Based Oncology™, which looks at how researchers are harnessing the immune system to bring unprecedented results in cancer care.
As health plans ramp up efforts to “coach” patients with diabetes and other chronic diseases, a study in The American Journal of Managed Care® finds that customizing these efforts to patients’ knowledge and needs reduces hospital visits and improves some health measures.
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