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Picking the right measurements to assess improvement in medication management depends largely on the what group is being considered, said Woody Eisenberg, MD, senior vice president of performance measurement and strategic alliances for the Pharmacy Quality Alliance.
When Providence-Swedish Health Alliance signed with Boeing to create a unique employer-sponsored accountable care organization, figuring out the logistics of the model took some time, according to Joseph Gifford, MD, CEO of Providence-Swedish Health Alliance.
Many things that need to be refined in order to build successful learning health systems, including an infrastructure that supports learning and research and a better exchange of data and computer information.
Leah Binder, MA, MGA, president and chief executive officer of The Leapfrog Group, encourages everyone to attend The American Journal of Managed Care’s ACO and Emerging Healthcare Coalition Fall live meeting, which will be held October 15-16 in Palm Harbor, Florida.
CMS’ shift to value-based payments has also shifted diabetes care models from cost-centered systems to cost-savings centers, according to Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD, chief medical officer and senior vice president of Joslin Diabetes Center.
Kerri Sparling, writer/editor at patient diabetes blog Six Until Me, knows from experience the importance of having a community support system when dealing with a chronic illness like diabetes.
Not providing a patient access to a learning health system is as unethical as it is to not allow a patient access to life-saving medicine, according to Sachin Jain, MD, MBA, chief medical officer at CareMore Health System.
As a part of the changing value-based payment model landscape, pay-for-performance programs for medication adherence measures are new for physicians and providers need help understanding the program, explained Mitzi Wasik, PharmD, BCPS.